Best Games To Play While in College

College life isn’t 100% just study and work. Although college coursework is extremely demanding, for optimum productivity in class and also to maintain our wellness, our brains need regular breaks from classwork. Therefore, students are at times encouraged to interact with friends and engage in extracurricular activities like sports and games even if it means offloading some of the assignments given to experts from websites such as homeworkdoer so that they can get a rest.

If you were looking for quick, easy, and fun games to play with your roommates and friends during breaks from academics in college, here are some great games to try.


Mattel Games Bounce-Off Game

This game is simple to play but difficult to master. The Mattel Games Bounce-Off Game is a competition to recreate a pattern. There are challenge cards that dictate the pattern you need to recreate using bouncy balls. The game can have 2 to 4 players and is an easy and fun game to pull out when everyone is done studying for the evening.


The Kittens Card Game

Most people haven’t heard of the Exploding Kittens Card Game, and they are missing out. This is an unusual and different game that features cats, explosions, laser beams, and more. It’s a strategic game with wacky cards and plenty of ways to trick your friends. If it’s your first time playing, just remember to avoid the exploding kitten card at all costs. If you enjoy the basic package enough, there are expansion packs to buy.


One Night Ultimate Werewolf

If you have ever played Mafia with your friends, you will enjoy this game because it is entirely similar; however, since it has werewolves in it, it’s automatically better. It is a highly recommend board game.  You will also want to check out One Night Ultimate Werewolf. Each game can last around 10 minutes, making it perfect as a mid-study break activity for you and your friends. In that short window, you have to find out who the werewolf is among your group.


The PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Party Game

Do you love a bit of trivia? If you love games that make you think on your feet, then The PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Party Game can add a bit of fun to your evenings in college. You are given a card and you are required to name 3 things from that listed topic, such as breeds of animals or types of cars, etc. The twist is, you only have 5 seconds to answer. It’s very easy to get tongue-tied when you’re trying to get it all out within the stipulated time.


Lightning Reaction Shocking Game

If you want to add something unique to a game night or your study breaks, try out The Lightning Reaction Shocking Game. It’s a reaction timed game and the last one to draw gets zapped. It’s a race to find who will have the best reaction time in your group and who will get shocked the most.



Codenames is a game that can be played in short bursts and only takes about 15 minutes to finish. It works perfectly with four players or more. Two rival spymasters know the secret identities of agents while their teammates only know the agents only by their Codenames. The teams then compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first.


Hasbro’s Catch Phrase

This game tests how well you can describe a word or a phrase to your friends without actually saying the word. With 5,000 words and phrases that can appear, your peers will have to guess as quickly as possible since you don’t want to be stuck with the device when it buzzes.

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