5 of the Best Instagram Travel Accounts You Should Follow

Are you aspiring to become a travel blogger? Why not learn from the best? Here are the best Instagram travel accounts to follow.

Over time, Instagram has evolved into one of the highest-rated social media platforms to date. And Instagram travel is the ultimate highlight of using the app to show off your best photos.

You can draw inspiration from a series of bloggers, vloggers, and travel experts across this addictive app.

So are you aspiring to become a travel blogger? It’s time to learn from the best!

Here are the best Instagram travel accounts to follow

1. Lee Litumbe: @SpiritedPursuit

Lee Litumbe is no rookie in the game as she’s been traveling the world for 5 plus years! And if you want to feel like you’re traveling with her, all it takes is having a look at her perfectly curated account.

Her feed is mixed with jaw-dropping portraits, incredible food, views, and people she’s exchanged energy.

As she travels and writes about the many locations she visits, you get a front-row seat to what travel is like behind the perfect photo. Lee focuses on breaking stereotypes and societal assumptions about the places she’s been.

And she writes thoughtful captions to highlight these stories, her experiences, or simply her impeccable fashion sense—she is GOALS!

2. Valeria Hinojosa: @waterthruskin

In the crowded pool of Instagram travel accounts, finding one that wants to save the world as much as they travel is very rare. Hence why blogger Valeria Hinojosa is one of our favorites. Her focus is to keep her lifestyle as sustainable as humanly possible.

She’s passionate about her commitment to eco-friendly lifestyles and encourages her followers to do the same. She shares her favorite products, thoughts, and other helpful tips on living life more consciously.

Valeria wholeheartedly believes that every one of us can create sustainable lives, and her beautiful Instagram account proves it!

3. Jessica Nabongo: @thecatchmeifyoucan

As one of the first African American women to travel to every country in the world, Jessica Nabongo shows everyone how they can do the same! As she visits the world’s prettiest (and not so-pretty) places, she captures the vibrant journey along the way. She works on helping others take the leap to travel to just about anywhere they aspire to go!

She is also the founder of Jet Black, a travel agency focused on curating trips and itineraries around countries in the Caribbean, Africa, Central, and South America. Her Instagram showcases her bold and unapologetic life.

And each post is a friendly reminder that you can pursue the life you want at any given moment.

4. Karin Ramos: @naturechola

Karin Ramos glorifies her adventures through the outdoors with her original Instagram photos. She founded a non-profit, Get Out, Stays Out, to help kids explore the outdoors as well. She’s committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in the “nature industry” in ways that inspire us all to get out and live life!

Karin’s engagement comes naturally, but to get a jump start on yours.

5. Melissa Edwards: @meliseymo

Speaking of outdoor adventures, Melise Edwards takes the cake on living life to the fullest. She’s a rock climber who makes it hard to not appreciate her incredible hard work when each photo is as gorgeous as hers.

Melissa’s feed features her openly sharing her journey through inspiration, mentorship, failure, and representation of women and POC.

We can guarantee that you’ll find something relatable on Melise’s incredible account!

These Are the Instagram Travel Accounts to Follow

When you’re looking for inspiration, these are the Instagram travel accounts to follow! These phenomenal women are celebrating their travel accomplishments and motivating others along the way.

Plus, they all make it look 100% possible for anyone to get started today!

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