Best Long-Lasting Cologne for Fragrance Lover Mothers

If your mom loves lovely fragrances you might think of gifting her flowers for Mother’s Day but these flowers would not last long so instead of flowers gift her long-lasting cologne. Our mums are perfect in everything they do and every way they look and sometimes this makes it so difficult for us to choose a gift for our mom. If your mother is fond of lovely fragrances, buying a perfume gift is a great idea.

Also, this gift will last longer than most other gifts and whenever she will wear the perfume it will make her think of you and put a smile on her face. Even if your mother is not quite fond of perfumes, these perfumes are best and so she will love it regardless. Thus, we are here with a list of some of the best and long-lasting cologne for moms who love fragrances so treat your special lady with it.


1] Orchid Soleil by Tom Ford

Just imagine how happy your mother will be when she will open up this stunning rose gold perfume bottle. This perfume is an ideal gift to show your mother how much you love her and you know her love for perfumes. This Orchid Soleil by Tom Ford perfume is a beautiful and perfect blend of pink pepper, vanilla, tuberose, and orchid notes and thus it is ideal for moms who love warm scents which will linger on their skin lovingly. You can order awesome fragranced perfume for mom from our online gift store and treat her with it for coming to Mother’s Day.


2] Bloom of Rose by Mom Guerlain

If your mother is your biggest inspiration then this perfume may be the best to treat your Mother for Mother’s Day. This Bloom of Rose by Mom Guerlain perfume embodies freedom and feminine strength and it is inspired by Angeline Jolie. This fragrance has been developed like a vibrant bouquet of flowers with jasmine, neroli, and rose. Get perfume for Mumma from our online gift store for special days and convey your greetings through the same.


3] Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Gifting your mother flowers for Mother’s Day is very common and she can only enjoy those flowers and its fragrance for a week or little more. So why not treat your mom with fragrance with the scent of thousands of flowers. This Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf is a perfume with an addictive blend of rose petals, Jasmine, vanilla, and patchouli so that your mom can enjoy this fragrance whenever she wishes to.


4] Byredo La Tulipe

This perfume has fresh, green, and bright fragrance and it smells like flowers, fresh-cut grass, and sunshine. This fragrance is a very unique mixture of sunny tulips, green rhubarb, peppery cyclamen and freesia, and grassy vetiver. It is a truly original that has perky an uplifting fragrance. This perfume is perfect for the mother who vibrant and bold and breathes optimism into every situation. Your mother will sure appreciate the fresh green and sunny nature of this perfume. Buy Mother’s Day perfume online and surprise your mother with her favorite fragrance for Mother’s Day.


5] Aerin Lilac Path

This is a light, airy, and delicately floral perfume by Aerin Lauder. This perfume smells like Lilac flowers, romantic Jasmine, dainty Orange Blossoms, and bitter green Galbanum. This is a feminine floral fragrance and it is a perfect scent for the woman who appreciates flowers, the outdoors, and gardens and loves simple pleasures in life. If you see your mother enjoying time in the flower garden and swinging on a porch swing then this perfume is right for her.


6] Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede

This perfume can make the best perfume for your mom because this brand is literally the masters of creating something so simple yet so beautiful. This perfume is so appealing and smells very natural and true, thus it makes great perfume for Mother’s Day. This perfume has minimal notes so that your mother does not get distracted from her beauty. This perfume has a dreamy fragrance that highlights the peony flower along with feminine Rose and Jasmine along with apple nuances.


7] Molton Brown Art of Fragrance

You can say I love you to your mom with this vibrant perfume. This perfume delivers a confident blend of fresh floral powder notes and it would literally feel like you are giving your mother thousands of flowers. Moreover, this perfume comes in a super chic bottle and it will look great in your mother’s dressing table. You can make Mother’s Day gift delivery to the USA to your mother living miles away from you and convey your love and affection for Mother’s Day.

We hope these best long-lasting perfumes make the perfect gift for your fragrance loving mother.

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