The Best Methods To Promote Your Website: SEO Optimization And More

SEO optimization, SMM, advertising… There are many methods of website promotion. But which of them is worth your attention? 

There are several ways to promote a site, and the application of each of them depends on the chosen strategy. The main difference is the speed, the time it takes to get the results and the long-term effect of each. The most effective way is an integrated approach that includes all SEO optimization tools. So, let’s consider each of the promotion methods separately, as well as dwell on additional channels.

SEO optimization

The essence of search engine optimization is a comprehensive study of the resource, the main purpose of which is to refine the site to meet the needs of users, as well as do everything possible to make it extremely convenient and understandable.

If you are interested in SEO services Sydney, you should know that website promotion methods can be divided into a white hat and a gray hat. Let’s consider each of them in more detail.

White hat SEO

White hat local SEO means working out a project that does not contradict the rules of search engines. This includes internal optimization and all works that include:

  • elimination of technical errors: setting up the main mirror, generating a robots.txt file, eliminating duplicate pages, etc.;
  • elaboration of commercial factors: prices, information on availability, the correctness of the implementation of transactional elements, etc.;
  • study of usability: analysis of the usability of the resource, the consistency of the order and filling out forms, etc.

White SEO methods also include external optimization, which includes all work related to the development of a natural link profile: registration in various reference books, and catalogs, placing links on thematic resources, etc.

The creation of quality content is another important factor that may influence everything: the content of the site must be reliable with an interesting presentation of the material, supplemented by various useful or thematic media files. The content should be of practical value and meet the needs of users.

Most often, at the start of work with a new project, a combination of this method with contextual advertising and other additional channels is used to attract customers. This makes it possible to devote enough time to the development of the project and at the same time receive the first orders. The main task is to make the resource convenient and relevant to user queries. Local SEO optimization can help to solve multiple tasks at once, but in combination with other methods, it can do miracles.

Gray hat SEO

This is one of the local SEO services in Sydney that implies the use of methods that are not prohibited for use by search engines and at the same time they are not welcomed. This is a kind of compromise.

The main goal of the method is to accelerate the results from ongoing activities to achieve top positions, which is essentially an attempt to manipulate search results. This includes:

In this case, links are purchased from resources that look reliable. It is important to remember that the link profile should not arouse suspicion among search engines. The main point is to artificially increase the authority of the site.

Increase in the number of occurrences of key queries

This implies the oversaturation of texts with occurrences of keywords to the “border” degree with over spam. The number and frequency of repetitions of queries in the text are determined by the optimizer based on the results of the analysis of competitors and taking into account the current algorithms of the search engine.

Quality Content

Correct filling of the sections describing the company itself, its activities, and the product or service that it represents is already half the success. What is needed for this?

  1. Target audience analysis. You must understand who your users are. Put yourself in their shoes. Try to look at the site with the eyes of your visitors. So you figure out the user’s intent when typing a search query. This indicator is of great importance when ranking. The more the site meets the needs of its audience, the higher its position in the search results. This factor is expected to become decisive over time, overtaking the total number of keywords in the text in importance.
  2. Semantic core for commercial and information requests. Building a semantic core guarantees the creation of useful content that meets the needs of users. Website semantics is a list of search phrases that most accurately characterize the topic of a web resource.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is the setting of advertisements that occupy a certain place in the search results. The peculiarity of this method is getting targeted traffic and orders quickly. One of the popular systems for running an advertising campaign is Yandex. Direct and Google AdWords.

The advantages of this method are the following:

  • wide coverage of the target audience;
  • the ability to customize for a specific audience of users;
  • fast publication;
  • the possibility of getting to the TOP of the search results;
  • the ability to evaluate performance using analytics tools.

Social Media Promotion

SMM is a promotion on social networks with the aim of increasing the number of subscribers and increasing traffic to the site. An important advantage here is the ability to receive feedback from the target audience, and direct contact with it.

The most common ways to promote using social media are targeting, advertising in groups and communities, and working with bloggers.


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  2. Good article on website promotion.

    Buying links should be avoided since Google frowns on it and may penalize you.

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