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Best Motorcycle Gear to Consider in 2020

Although the number of motorcycles on the roads isn’t as big as it used to be 10 years ago, the industry is still progressing rapidly. The market is full of useful high-tech devices that can transform almost any motorbike into a future vehicle. team tests tons of such tech inventions, and here is the list of their favorite picks that are worth buying in 2020.


Bluetooth Helmet

A motorcycle helmet is an essential piece of gear, and motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth are the biggest trend in this category. These gadgets let you stream music playlists and radio from your smartphone. If there’s Internet coverage on the highway, you can even use online streaming services to listen to music and podcast shows. Another benefit of being connected to a mobile device is the ability to make and receive calls without the need to take your device out of the pocket and to track your trip information via GPS.

Some Bluetooth helmet models that we tested at support intercom connection. For example, FreedConn helmets have a walkie-talkie mode. It lets you connect to up to 3 other helmets inside a 500-meter radius. If that’s too close, look at helms by Sena that Helms 1-mile intercom range. It’s a very convenient way to chat with friends on the go without interruptions or to listen to the same playlist together.


Rearview Camera

Rearview Camera is an excellent gadget that can make your trips more secure. There are many Full-HD and 4K cameras with bright anti-glare dashboard screens that provide a clear view of what’s behind. Modern video matrixes let you see everything clearly, and enable night vision when it’s dark outside. In addition, most rearview cams can also work as dashboard cameras and record video on a micro-SD card.


GPS Navigator

Many two-wheeler owners neglect specialized motorbike GPS devices and use their smartphones for road indications instead. If you don’t want to stop every time you want to make changes, you’d better get a special navigation device that’s convenient to use in gloves on the go. Some navigators also include road alerts and music streaming via Bluetooth, so that you can connect with your Bluetooth helmet and enjoy a smooth ride.


Heating Elements

Compact automotive heating elements are small enough to be built into parts of your bike. You can replace the default grips of your motorbike with heated ones. This will help you to ride longer when it’s cold, and you will be able to react as fast as you do when it’s warm. If that’s too expensive, try heated gloves. Next, you can install a heated seat to make your trips even more pleasant.


Keep Up to Date

Using modern devices from this article, you can make your life easier and safer without the need to change anything visually. experts will help you to keep up with the trends, so stay tuned and always think about your safety on the road first. Let technology work for you, and you will enjoy driving your two-wheeler even more!

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