What Are the Best Places to Find Student Accommodations in Melbourne?

Are you moving to a different city for your education? While you may be excited about your classes, looking for accommodations is a different challenge altogether. Services such as Iglu try to help students learn more about the city they are moving to and help them look for the best accommodations.

Finding Accommodations on a Student’s Budget

Trying to find accommodations in a new city is already tricky, but trying to find accommodations on a student’s budget? It can be downright impossible at times. On websites such as Iglu, you can find the popular neighborhoods where students rent rooms, so you have a better idea about the average rent you would need to pay. 

When looking for accommodations, keep in mind that while renting a room near your university is convenient, it can be expensive as well. 

Which Neighbourhoods to Live in?

When trying to find student accommodations, it is best to look at the popular neighborhoods where most university students live. Not only can these places be more affordable, but they will have all of the amenities that you are likely to need.

South Melbourne: Albert Road

Close to the RMIT university, you will not find better neighborhoods to live in than Albert Road. One of the best neighborhoods for students, it has vibrant green surroundings. It has consistently been ranked as one of the best places for students.

Collins Street

Also known as the “Parisian” end of Melbourne for its stunning architecture, these neighborhoods are no stranger to students. Some of the well-loved student haunts are located in these neighborhoods, including cafes and eateries. If you can manage it, don’t miss out on an opportunity to grab student accommodation in this neighborhood with your friends.

Peel Street Windsor

Located close to the RMIT University campus and only 15 minutes away from the University of Melbourne campus, Peel Street is a haven for students. Hitching a ride won’t be a concern as you’ll be within walking distance of any entertainment option you could dream of, from nightclubs to eateries.

A ‘Beckett Street

Close to most universities in the city, these neighborhoods are the place to be when you want easy access to most amenities but still want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of daily city life. Get a room in these neighborhoods to enjoy easy access to public transit, which allows you to explore the city whenever you want.

What Should You Consider When Selecting Student Accommodation?

Apart from giving you information on which neighborhoods to live in, websites such as Iglualso offer students insights into what they should look for when moving to a new city and finding student accommodations. Some of the crucial aspects of locating a student accommodation are:


If you are on a budget, it comes as no surprise that the price of the accommodation is crucial. Although easy access to amenities is required, sometimes this can drive up the accommodation price, so you need to find a compromise between accessibility and affordability.


When looking for accommodations, ensure that you check the safety of the neighborhoods. Read up on recent crimes such as petty theft or mugging to get a better picture of how safe it really is.

Public Transport

As a student, you should be able to have easy access to public transport whenever you want.

Websites such as Iglu have made it easier to sort through various accommodations, even if you are in a different city, so make sure you do sufficient research before making your decision.

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