Best Soil Conditioner for Vegetable Gardens

Do you have a successful garden or plants in your landscaping that thrive, it is imperative that you have rich soil that is dense in nutrients. There are certain signs you can look for to determine if you have good soil or not, such as if there is plant and animal activity under the ground in the area in which you want to plant. These include things like fungi and earthworms. It is great if your soil is rich in organic type matter and if it is, the soil will be darker in color and will crumble off of the roots of any plants that you pull up. This means it has a healthy spread-out root system, which can also be a sign that you have good soil.

How to Know if Your Soil is Good

There are several ways you can determine if you have good soil at your home or business. If you dig a hole that is at least six inches deep and after about four minutes have passed you can see plenty of insects, such as ground beetles, centipedes, and spiders, it will mean that you have good soil. If you see less than ten of these little critters in your soil, you will need products to enhance your soil to make it a better environment to grow your plants, fruits, and vegetables.

Another sign that you have good soil is if there are plenty of earthworms. Worms are great for aerating the soil which allows for better circulation, and they also eat organic material, so if there is a large population of earthworms, it means your soil is stacked full of nutrients.

You can also look at the structure of your soil and tilth, which is the condition of the soil that has been tilled. Dig down about 10 inches into the soil and break it apart. If your soil has different-sized chunks that retain their shape when you apply a little pressure, it means you have healthy soil which will allow for more air and water to move easily around the roots of your plants. If this does not occur, your soil will need a soil conditioner, such as a humane soil conditioner, added to it that can aerate and fertilize the roots of your plants.

If your soil has a good workability level in it, you are lucky, but if it does not and it is hard to till, it is lacking vital nutrients and needs better circulation for water to pass through. Also, if the soil is very hard and compressed it will not allow for enough water infiltration, which means your plants, vegetables, and fruits will not thrive.

How do you enrich poor soil?

There are many ways in which you can enrich poor soil at your home or business. First of all, you can take a sample of your soil to a company you trust in your area or send a sample to a company, such as Tri-C Organics, that has soil experts on staff who will conduct a soil test on it. The experts at Tri-C Organics can help you determine the correct products you will need to enrich your soil. It also helps if you rotate your crops each year, grow cover crops, mulch the soil surface, and even use aged manure on top of your soil.

Tri-C Organics offers an array of products that are great for enriching your soil, such as Humate Soil Conditioner which will work to provide better aeration for the roots of your plants while providing natural, organic material that is much-needed to achieve a healthy level of soil in your flower beds or garden. You can also dust your plants and soil with Humate Soluble Powder which will provide a minimum amount of organic matter at a rate of about 30 percent along with 35 percent Humic acids and carbon, which will help the level of soil microbial activity while providing a dynamic living soil for healthy plants as well as trees and gardens.

How do you condition soil for vegetables?

Since soil particles can stick together, it can cause issues in allowing enough room for proper drainage in your soil to reach your vegetable plants. It can also create issues that keep the air from flowing through the plant’s roots, a process called aeration. The solution to these issues is to not only break up the soil adequately by tilling it, but also to utilize top-quality organic products along with compost, shredded leaves, and peat moss over time.

How to choose the best soil conditioner

The highly-trained and knowledgeable soil experts at Tri-C Organics can assist you with all of your soil conditioner needs and products, including Humate Powder and Humate Soil Conditioner along with MYCO tabs and so much more!

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