Best Spots In Bolivia For A Motorcycle Tour

Riding a motorcycle is healthy and reduces stress levels. It offers freedom and is exhilarating. In addition, fuel consumption is lower, making it the perfect mode of transportation when you want to go on a road trip. One of the most exciting motorbike trips that you can make is to explore Bolivia’s famous natural attractions, including the salt pans and Titicaca Lake.

Why Choose Bolivia?

Bolivia offers some of the most spectacular scenes in the world, boasting snow-capped mountains, beautiful lakes, salt flats, and tropical forests. Some of these magnificent places are best reached on two wheels, making a motorcycle a wise choice. Note that in some areas, you need to move as a group for safety reasons, in case you get stuck or run into trouble.

If you’re bringing your motorbike to do the road trip, ensure that it is well adapted to the local conditions, including having properly inflated or deflated tires, emergency kits, and lights. It is also prudent to respect national laws and obey traffic rules and regulations. Don’t forget to gather your documents, including valid insurance, registration, driver’s license, passport, and contract, if you’re renting the bike.

Where To Go On A Bike Trip

If you’re planning an extensive tour with your motorcycle, there are some routes that you can do for several days or as single trips. The Salar de Uyuni is a must-do trip in Bolivia, a magnificent salt flat considered the largest and highest in the world at an elevation of over 11,000ft. From the capital La Paz, the ride will take you around 9 hours, covering roughly 362 miles. Relish the Laguna Colorada, admire the pink flamingos, and snap photos of surreal vistas. The salt flat is an amazing landscape that can be enjoyed during the rainy or dry season.

Another attraction that you should not miss is a trip to Lake Titicaca, one of South America’s largest lakes, reputed to be the birthplace of the Incas. At 12,500ft above sea level, it is also one of the highest lakes in the world. Visit the Titicaca National Reserve, explore the ruins and temples in Isla de la Luna, or discover the man-made islands of Uros. It’s also possible to do a side trip to Tiwanaku, a pre-Columbian community. Park up and walk around the Kalasasaya Temple, admire sculptures, columns, and relief carvings, or visit the Gate of the Sun.

Motorcycling is a convenient and practical method for sightseeing. In Bolivia where there are many scenic routes and amazing places to discover, getting on a bike is an adventure that is satisfying and enjoyable.

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