Best Strategies Every Amazon Seller Should Follow

Selling on Amazon has a lot of moving pieces. Every veteran misses out on a few simple and effective tools that they can deploy to make the selling process easier or more streamlined. To be fair, Amazon is constantly innovating with new features to help sellers on the platform. So it is no surprise that even the veterans miss out on great opportunities.

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, here are five simple features you can use to boost your bottom line.

1- A/B testing A+ content

A+ Content, formerly known as enhanced brand content, is a service that is not available to every seller. At the moment, the feature is currently only available to vendors and professional sellers for their brands registered through the Amazon Brand Registry process.

Those who are part of the ‘launchpad’ and ‘Amazon exclusives’ selling programs also get access.

So, it is an exclusive club that comes with great rewards. It can help you create a unique and enhanced buying experience for your customers.

However, many sellers with access to A+ content have never tried the split testing feature! 

To get started, you need to log in to your Seller Central account and navigate to the A+ Content Manager. Here, you can find your ASINs that qualify for split testing. Click on the A/B Test option to start creating your experiments.

When using these experiments, your traffic to the split listings is equally divided. This will help you gauge the type of content that best resonates with your customers.

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Pro tip: Don’t just test your content, experiment with different modules as well. It will give you actionable insights that can help you optimize your A+ content in the future!

Wondering what makes great A+ content? Read this detailed guide on Amazon A+ content.

2- Requesting a review

Getting positive reviews on Amazon is difficult. Very few customers take the time to leave valuable feedback. Considering how vital they are to your organic ranking and sales, you must reach out and request honest feedback.

Amazon has strict policies on corresponding with your customers, so it is always risky to ask directly. Fortunately, Amazon has a handy ‘Request a Review’ button. When you click the button, Amazon will send an automated message to the customer asking them to leave a review!

To use the feature, go to Manage Orders on Seller Central and select the necessary order. Then, click on the Request a Review option. It’s that simple!

3- Listen to the Customer

Customer feedback is arguably the best way to improve your listing and product. That is why it is important to track customers’ comments and reviews. It is a treasure trove of information.

You can access all this information directly by using Amazon’s ‘Voice of the Customer’ feature. Here you can view any negative feedback and the corresponding product. You can also find the channel through which the negative experience was communicated!

These are the channels through which Amazon identifies a negative customer experience:

  • Product reviews
  • Customer service calls/chat
  • Returns/refunds
  • Buyer-seller messaging

To find Voice of the Customer, go to the Performance tab in Seller Central.

Pro tip: Make sure to read the positive reviews as well. If multiple customers highlight a feature of your product that they find surprising, it is time to update your listing copy. There is always the possibility that you are missing out on sales because you are not effectively communicating the features and benefits of your product.

4- Amazon Posts

This is Amazon’s attempt to introduce social media to online retail. Amazon Posts is in beta and the content can only be viewed through the Amazon mobile app or on the mobile web. However, it is a free and effective way to promote your product.

Just like a social media platform, Amazon Posts is a great way to improve brand messaging and engage with customers. Since the feature is in beta, it is only available to vendors and sellers in the United States with the brand enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry. You also need to have an Amazon store page for your brand.

Here’s how you get started:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your Amazon advertising credentials
  3. Create a profile and verify your brand name
  4. Upload your brand logo

Once you register to use the feature, you can immediately start publishing content.

Amazon Posts show a lot of promise and it is free, so make sure you leverage the opportunity! To learn more about the feature, read this comprehensive guide to Amazon Posts.

Amazon attribution

This is Amazon’s solution to give you more detailed data from all your marketing channels – on and off Amazon. The retail giant calls it ‘an advertising and analytics measurement solution’ that will give you insights into how your non-Amazon marketing channels impact customer engagement on Amazon.

It will help you identify the marketing channels that are the most effective. This can help you optimize your cross-channel marketing strategy.

The feature is still in beta, and there are restrictions on who can access it. To learn more about Attribution, you should read this piece on Amazon advertising.


Amazon is all about innovation – to help customers and sellers alike. You need to make sure you are updated on all the new features that Amazon releases to gain a competitive edge. You also need actionable data – which is exactly what SellerApp’s ML-powered tools are designed to do.

Outpace your competition with data-backed decisions. The best part? You can try it out using the free trial! You can test the tools yourself or get in touch with one of their experts to learn how SellerApp can make a difference.

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