Best Tracking Tools for Outlook

Are you tired of your emails being buried in the pile of useless emails? Have you ever wondered whether your email was read? If you don’t want to spend your life regretting the lost time and opportunity in business, you have to track your emails.

Here is the good news: Outlook welcomes multiple plugins and add-ins that track your correspondence for you. From Salesforce Outlook Integration to Cirrus Insights, you can choose specific features that help you.

Top-5 Tracking Tools

There are numerous options on the market. They offer different features and have different reputations. If you can’t decide which one you need, here is a list of the most popular trackers:

  1. Salesforce. This plugin is native to Outlook. It was created to track emails and events. This service saves the contacts and important data, and syncs among different systems. You can use it to receive notifications about emails you receive or track the whole thread of conversations important to you;
  2. Cirrus Insight. Apart from being premium software for email tracking, it offers a wide range of features. Users can sync calendars, create numerous personal sales sequences, and check customer activity. It allows users to see whether their emails were opened. Every customer can see the activity the recipient made, including clicking the links and opening the attachments;
  3. Yesware. This software tracks all the emails you receive, except for the spam. It integrates with other add-ins and plugins too. It quickly notifies you once the email is opened and helps you to analyze your activity, so you can later improve anything you want;
  4. Contact Monkey. This plugin was created to ease the life of business owners. Contact Monkey is focused on email tracking only. It tracks the time when the email is opened and whether the link you placed inside was followed. You can even find out the place where this email was opened and receive the information on the recipient.  It looks like a gigantic library with numerous templates of successful emails for different occasions. You will find multiple ideas for your business there;
  5. BananaTag. Apart from tracking emails, this service allows you to measure the activity of each client, find the right words for sales, and identify the most winning approach. You can learn your audience with the help of this app. BananaTag also offers a useful email builder. Users are able to create perfect emails by using the tools it has. You may schedule the time for your emails, receive details on each letter you’ve sent, and keep up with the updates on attachments you’ve added inside.

Track Your Email Like a Pro

This list is far from over. There are dozens of great tracking tools that might help your business to prosper. You can use any of them with your Outlook service. Find the one that suits all your needs. Check out the features on offer and recommendations from other users. Before you buy or download anything, make sure that the tracking service you picked is helpful for your business.

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