Best Wavy Long Hairstyles in 2021

There is a vast range of beautiful hairstyles for women with long wavy hair that they can pull off for any occasion. There is no bound to the looks that you can create with your long wavy hair, from a classic bombshell blowout to braids, buns, ponytails, and mermaid waves. However, long hair could have a tough time in styling, especially if they are wavy. But don’t worry about that further as today you’re going to some of the best styles and a guide on how to make them through a hairstyling expert. So, follow through with the post and we will help you find the most versatile and contemporary looks for long wavy hair that you can easily style at home. That being said, let’s get straight to the list.

1. Wavy Pigtails

 This hairstyle gained popularity when the show ‘To all the boys I’ve loved before’ star Lana Condor served this youthful, carefree and cool look that is easy to make and looks amazing with long hair. This minimalistic hair trend is quite famous among college girls these days. But you can also wear this look to your workplace and parties. 

2. Wavy High Ponytails

High ponytails are a go-to style for every woman with wavy long hair. This look is the best way to give your other beautiful features a chance to stand out which often fails to steal the limelight. This hairdo is also the best for those women who love voluminous hair. It is one of those hairstyles that are in itself sufficient to make a bold statement, particularly for someone who likes to challenge their inner strength.   

3. Half-up Bun or Ponytail

It is the easiest way to give your long wavy hair that classic look that can immediately beef up your personality. It’s not only simple to make but also makes your hair look attractive. There are many ways of styling your hair in a half-up bun or ponytail. You can either tie your hair up in a half pony or make a half braid with a hair tie. Alternatively, you can just make a half bun adding twists to it to make it look more stunning. This timeless hair look goes with every face shape.

4. Styling with Hair Accessories

On a lazy day, you can just add different cute and attractive hair accessories to your hair, leaving it flowing down your neck. There are countless ways to style your hair with accessories that you can wear on any occasion, be it a prom night, wedding, or beach party. Different types of clips, bandanas, scrunches, headbands, and hairbands can be used when you do not feel the need for much styling. Or, if you want to make a statement on your wedding, a tiara can be your best accessory that can add that creative and eye-catching element that people will fall for at first sight and can up your game by a mile.

5. Brunette Style Lob

If you’re someone who loves the bobs look, this style is the one for you. It would look exceptional on your long hair. All you need to do is get a good hair straightening iron and hair iron spray to perform this styling. Spray your hair and create the waves using the hair straightener. It would not only make the waves but give your long hair a touch of the natural beach as well.  

6. High Volumized Blonde Waves

A blonde girl? This one is for you. This is one of the trendiest girl hairstyles, and styling is quite simple. Just make the while blonde highlights with a base of wheat blonde, and as a result, you can achieve a marvelous blend that would look cunning. 

7. Choppy Waves Hairstyle

Thick ling hairs are beautiful, but they get irritated because of their heavyweight and immovability. This style could help you lose some of it by chopping some ends, which would give you the choppy waves look. Dark brown hair would add more beauty to it. You’re lucky if you’ve got that color; otherwise, it’s never late to get a dye and try a new color. Do you agree? 

8. Chunky Layered Curls

Do you want some turn heads up all day long? This hairstyle would do that for you. For that, you need to put some layers on your hair with the color that suits your skin. Don’t forget the curls. It is the must step for completing this chunky layered curls look.

Bottom line

The simple yet elegant ways for hairdo can bring up a huge change in your hair makeover that can enhance your self-confidence. With these trending hair looks, you can certainly find a way to style your long wavy hair that would help you to step out of the door with sheer elegance and grace.

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