Best Ways to Get Rid of Cabin Fever After Weeks in Lockdown

The last few months have not been very easy for anyone. From job losses to having to self isolate for weeks on end, it has been a very frustrating period globally. But, as restrictions start to lift, life has started coming back to the roads and cities worldwide.

If you are one of the millions of people around the world starting to come out of quarantine, you might be feeling the same cabin fever as everyone else, and even slight anxiety about getting life started. This is normal, and based on the research by several leading psychologists, will be experienced by a large portion of the global population.

People need to gear up for post-lockdown anxiety more than they anticipate, as most have gotten accustomed to the haven that they have created for themselves. Stepping back into a busy, fear-stricken world can be overwhelming and daunting, you are not alone.

So, with this in mind, we took a look at what you can do to get rid of those lockdown cobwebs, while at the same time, looking after yourself during this time. 

Invest in an Electric Bike

The best cure for cabin fever is a combination of a few things: exercise, fresh air, and lovely, open views. This is why the first thing we suggest is getting yourself a new electric bike. We love the fat tire electric bike for several reasons. Not only can you cruise streets and paths on this bike, but you can tackle sandy beaches and tricky terrains like snowy mountains.

Firstly, you don’t have to be fit and a sporty person to ride this bike you don’t have to be in any shape at all. The beauty of the bike is that it does most of the hard work for you, but you can still pedal and it is a great source of cardio.

Secondly, it is a great little gadget to go on some adventures and to go sightseeing. After weeks of lockdown, can you think of anything better than meandering along the coastline, with the sea breeze in your hair (although please wear a helmet), or exploring your local forest or mountainside? That sounds like freedom to us!

Take a road trip

Talking about freedom, that open freeway stretched out in front of you, heading into absolutely nowhere sounds amazing right about now, doesn’t it? A quiet solo or family trip could be the soul medicine you need right now.

Keep in mind though, that social distancing is still taking place in most areas, so a more isolated spot or small town could be your best option. Just make sure to respect their rules and restrictions at this time.

An RV or camping trip could be the best option if you want to head out on the road and not interact with any people for the time being. Make sure you stock up with the relevant supplies, have fresh water and emergency supplies on hand, and hit the road. Don’t forget to pack your electric bike so that you can explore the areas that you stop at!

Take a Roadtrip

Go and See a Live Act

Bands, musicians, comedians, and anyone else in the entertainment industry have really been affected by the pandemic. They are, apart from the travel and event industries, some of the hardest hit. So, they could use all of the support they can get right now.

But, social distancing is still going to be impacting most countries for the next few months, and most of the bigger live events planned for the rest of the year will have been postponed or canceled. Hitting bars and clubs in most areas is not possible and not encouraged at this stage, so find out where your local musicians are playing.

Some might be busking somewhere, adhering to social distancing, or performing in a restaurant that has opened. Globally, there has also been a wide move to the opening of drive-in facilities to support the artists, so if a night out with some live entertainment sounds like heaven for you, find out what is happening in your area. 

Go and See a Live Act

Start an Active Hobby

If you are anything like us, the lockdown wasn’t so kind to our waistlines. With the endless amount of banana bread and cracking open the bottle of wine at lunchtime, most people are going to roll out of their homes come the end of lockdown.

So, why don’t you look at starting a new fitness hobby? Whether it be yoga, pilates, joining the gym, or even boxing to really get rid of that built-up frustration, getting active is a really good idea to start shaking the effects of lockdown. You could also just start by planning hikes and walks in your area.

We cannot emphasize the importance of being active enough after this incredibly stressful time. Cardio and exercise are vital for your mental health as they increase oxygen and blood flow to your brain. If you are battling high anxiety or depression at this time, push yourself to step out and either go for a walk or jog to get yourself going again.

Eat Out

Restaurants and their staff have also been badly impacted by the lockdown, so supporting your local businesses is going to go a long way. If you are chomping at the bit to have a great meal at your local establishment, be respectful of the staff as well as the other patrons.

If your local restaurants are not open just yet for sit-down service, why don’t you create an artisanal picnic spread of products and meals from your favorite local restaurants? Spend some time in nature while treating yourself to some culinary delights, and adhering to social distancing protocols. Restaurants will soon be opening their services completely, but in the meantime, this could be a creative, and unique way of taking in that beautiful sunny day. 

Last Thoughts

It is going to be natural to feel overwhelmed when heading back into reality, so don’t be too hard on yourself. It is important to not plan too many things for one outing, and keep it as calm and mellow as you can, especially if it is your first time out. Overstimulating your brain can lead to increased stress and anxiety, and you could end up feeling worse for being out. We are rather encouraging these outings to be slow ease back into reality while the world heals from the pandemic.

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