Best Websites to Learn Web Development on the Internet

Learning web development is one of the most essential skills in the digital age of today. There are many resources available at your fingertips where you can acquire knowledge for web development. In fact, when you set out to start your web development course, you will find out that many successful web developers around the world today have gained success by learning about it from scratch using one online source or another.

It so happens that even the most ambitious individuals can run into problems. You might be asking yourself: “Why should I learn web development online?” The reason is that as a web developer, your credibility depends more on the strength of the portfolio you have, your credentials come later on.

At times, your employment opportunities often depend on concrete skills and samples of your previous work. Although you don’t need a university degree if you want to work as a web developer it will go a long way if you do.

Even if you don’t have a university degree or any other academic qualification, then you can still learn all you need about web development online. The web development industry is on exponential growth, which means there will never be a shortage of resources. What matters is how motivated you are to start off.

Here is a list of useful sources that can help you learn web development online:

Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse is one of the foremost online learning resources for web development. The basic plan is going to get around $25 for a month. You get access to video courses with expert knowledge and many other useful interactive practice sessions.

These guys also offer a Tech degree program, which is ideal for people who want help launching a new career in a matter of 3 to 12 months. Apart from learning some practical skills, the program also helps students to build up a job-ready portfolio. Team Treehouse uses videos, code challenges, and interactive quizzes as their teaching methods.


Codeacademy provides students and professionals with a course-based online learning website. They offer a unique approach that includes a hands-on method to help you learn coding and its dynamics. When you begin learning, you must select a path or a field that you want to learn about. There are different lessons included in each path starting from the basics and ending up with the advanced practical application.

When you start off with your lessons you will notice that you have some written instructions that help you write out the actual code that progresses along with your lesson. One other feature that makes this platform quite unique is that the approach these guys use is “learn by doing”.

This means that you will learn and progress at your own pace. Codeacademy Pro emphasizes taking your learning to the next level and provides programs that have job-ready progress. For instance, you can work and build real-world projects and get more professional and developed feedback.


Udemy is one popular online learning giant in the industry. It offers more than 80,000 courses online. There is a vast variety of categories that include web development as well. All courses offered within the category come with unlimited access to a wide range of video tutorials and lectures by a specific instructor.

Also, you can always get in touch with one of the students or a group at the Udemy student community if you need extra help and networking. The payment method requires you to pay for each course separately but you can always preview some of the lectures free of cost.

This is for you to check out if the course you are taking fulfills your needs or not. Udemy has courses that vary from beginner to advanced levels. To cut it short, Udemy is one amazing platform that offers web development using high-quality learning methods.


Codewars is a popular coding challenge website that helps you become a master of web development. Also, it offers professional insights and skills as a web developer. Students have to solve challenges in programming languages of their preference. Also, you can compare the solutions with other solutions that you can understand.


Coursera is one of the biggest providers of MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses. The platform is partners with one of the top-notch universities in the world. This helps students get access to one of the highest levels of online courses available online.

Coursera also helps you get a degree in a variety of fields including Computer Science as well. The model it follows is a bit more focused on fixed course sessions needed to get you enrolled. Students also get a 7-day trial for free. After that, you have to pay your fee on a monthly basis to continue. I took up my course on Coursera and studied in a library in my hometown.

All I needed was high-speed internet by Mediacom Iowa City. This made things easy for me as well. Also, it provided me with immense knowledge of web development and the best ways to design a functional website.

Code School

This is now known as Pluralsight and offers a unique online platform to sharpen your coding skills for web development. One of the unique things about Pluralsight is that it enables the user to take a Pluralsight IQ assessment. The Pluralsight assessment helps them identify potential gaps in the knowledge they have. This helps you to concentrate on the learning skills that you need to acquire.

You can even choose the learning path you need to help you guide through the process. Also, they have some stand-alone courses too. You can test it out using a free trial and they also offer personal membership that starts at around $35 to $40 a month.

The Odin Project

This is a very good place for people who want to jumpstart their careers as web developers using a full-stack curriculum approach. This is backed up by the open-source community. The curriculum itself comprises a collection of online tutorials, blogs, and different course material.

For instance, there is a web development course with lessons starting from the basics. These go all the way down and end up with you getting enough skills to build a working website or web application.

You can select to use one of the available platforms and master your skills as an accomplished web developer. I would suggest that you should start off with a course that can help you excel in your career.

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