Biggest Disadvantages of E-Learning

To get a full-fledged education or master new skills, it is no longer necessary to personally attend university or courses. You can choose between E-learning and face-to-face training. The face-to-face format seems more familiar, and online learning is modern and convenient. However, it has its disadvantages as well. Let’s discuss them.

What is E-learning?

We call E-learning an educational process that is based on the use of computer technology. Students can remotely prepare for school, and adults can receive a full-fledged education and master new professions. Now it is easier than ever – for example, you can enroll in a program of study at a prestigious university, complete it and receive a certificate of education.

However, getting such an education is no easier than an offline one. You may have difficulty completing some of the assignments. If this happens, then it is best to ask for help at special services. For example, you can buy essay and receive a sample, which will be written on the required topic. It will greatly help you to deal with your writing assignment more efficiently.

Disadvantages of E-learning for Organizers

In the process of organizing and conducting training, there are some difficulties in the distance format:

Inability to work with online tools

When a teacher switches from an offline format to an online one, they may not understand how to work on the training platform and in other programs necessary for training the first time. For example, a teacher may not know how to work with Google documents and, with a video editor, how to create presentations.

Technical difficulties

Effective learning requires a stable Internet connection and proper operation of programs and devices. Sometimes technical failures occur that an untrained person cannot cope with.

The difficulty of retaining attention and engaging students

When learning is done online, the teacher often does not have eye contact with the students. They do not see their reaction, and they cannot assess the level of their attention and involvement in the process. Because of this, it can be difficult to make sure that the students are immersed in the material, understand it, and have no questions left.

Disadvantages of E-learning for Learners

Unjustified expectations

An interesting course cover and big words do not guarantee that the course will be useful and you will receive the promised results. Good advertisements can hide poor-quality materials.

Little live communication

The student may not have enough personal contact with the teacher and other students. This is especially true when the course consists of recorded lectures, and the student cannot receive an answer to the question of interest from the teacher at the time of studying the material.

Inability to independently organize the learning process

Effective E-learning is based on discipline, responsibility, and student motivation. Otherwise, it is possible to spend all the time allotted for learning on social media.

Information overload

The student independently adjusts the pace of learning. To speed up the results, it may be tempting to take a six-month course in a month. There is so much information that overload occurs and the desire to learn disappears.


Now you know what awaits you in E-learning. Any drawbacks of the online format can be dealt with if the training is organized correctly. Use the information received to choose the appropriate format and learn with pleasure!

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