Biggest Ever Casino Winners in North America

Canada’s relationship with the casino industry has been arguably strained, as rules and regulations started to be developed. But, with individual provinces taking the reins for their own regions, and generating governing bodies to oversee all gambling-orientated activities, Canadian players could finally safely get their piece of the action – and they certainly do, ranking fourth as having the most frequent players in the world!

Much like anywhere else in the world, that enjoys casino gaming, North America has seen some impressive wins over the years – both online and in person. With that in mind, join us as we take a look at some of the biggest ever wins to come out of this ever-developing casino scene.

The Luck of the Slots

One lucky man ended up bagging himself not one, but two big wins when he spun the reels on an online casino in Alberta. The first win came from his favorite slot called Avalon, where he began his gaming session with a series of smaller wins, which encouraged him to keep spinning. The next thing he knew, he’d landed himself a whopping CA$ 72,650!

Four months later, armed with a considerable bankroll, the anonymous man decided to spin again. And just like that, he landed CA$13,900 on Microgaming’s pirate themed slot, Loose Cannon. The luck of the Slots was certainly with him that day!

Accidents Pay Off

In 2015, Shirley Lima was happily spinning the penny Slots at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s (OLG) Casino Thousand Islands. After a few modest wins, she decided to up her stakes and move onto a five-cent machine. However, at one point she accidentally hit the max-bet button which increased her wager to CA$11.25 – something she never would have normally done.

Lima continued to spin at this price before finally realizing it. What’s more, she also realized that she had generated 34 free spins, which soon multiplied into 160. And, from these gratis spins, Lima ended up triggering an eye-watering CA$33,858 jackpot, which was then presented to her on an oversized cheque. It just goes to show that sometimes the smallest mistakes can lead us to greatness.

It Pays to be a Michael Jackson Fan

Going back to 2013, this was when a 55-year-old lady named Kathryn found herself drawn to a particular slot machine at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls. The machine was Michael Jackson-themed, with our lucky lady considering herself to be quite the fan! In total, she fed just CA$60 into the machine, enjoying the Jackson classics that played in the background of each spin.

By the end of her gaming session, Kathryn was walking away with an impressive CA$1.8 million, hailing her win as truly “unbelievable”. We couldn’t agree more, Kathryn!

Lovers’ Lottery

Earlier this year, Lotto Max reached its CA$70 million limits once more, being triggered by one undeniably lucky couple. Marc and Dorothy-Ann Meilleur have been lifelong Lottery fans – with that devotion finally starting to pay off.

The winning ticket was purchased at a service station in Noelville, just in time for the February 26 draw. Amongst a long list of potential ways to spend their winnings, the couple bought themselves a brand new home, as well as made plans to go traveling and ensure their three children, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren were taken care of for life!

As you can see, winning big can be on the cards when you indulge in casino gameplay. However, it’s important that your safety comes first. Wherever you choose to play, make sure there’s some kind of support system in place to answer any questions or give you guidance on how to limit your losses. Stay Smart, and play smart!

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