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Bike Riding Style In Different Road Conditions

Although it may seem like just any style of riding for motocross racing will do when going out on a ride, however, those interested in taking up this sport should be more aware of the fact that this is simply not true.

Therefore it would be better to take the time to identify the style used by the rider and the bike as this would vary depending on the road conditions at the time.

The following are some riding styles used for different road conditions:


Freestyle – This is a riding style that is used with the main aim of performing stunts with the motocross bike. The surface is usually prepared such as a stadium track or a dirt track. Here the rider will perform varied movements and styles such as acrobatic stunts while jumping with the motocross bikes.

The style here would not be as challenging as going on an outback run, where the terrain would be foreign and riddled with surprises, thus requiring optimal split-second instincts.

Supermoto – this would involve the rider having to adapt to the style that is mainly for off-road surfaces, although there are some race tracks that are converted to accommodate this particular type of motocross racing.

The individual would have to maneuver around bumps, berms, and jumps which are all part of the makeup of the circuit. The rider would also be expected to be able to ride metal ramps for the jumps and further demonstrate their capabilities.

Supercross – this style would involve more intense racing within specialized high-performance off-road conditions that are usually specifically designed to accommodate such activities. Here the rider is expected to be able to make tighter turns and more technical and challenging maneuvers.

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