Bing vs Google: Which One Can Help You Find Good Deals Online?

Whenever it comes to searching for something, the first name that comes to our mind is Google. That’s because Google is the search engine giant that dominates the world. And if you are looking for online deals, you most certainly be thinking Google is the best place to find them.

Many of us seem to forget that there are multiple other search engines in the realm and Bing is one of them. It’s also a search engine, still used by many, to search for information and online deals whether they are related to any other retail item.

In the battle of Bing vs Google, which one’s better? Let’s review the features of both these search engines to come up with a conclusion:


Google has been around since 1977. Google does not just lead the search engine market share, it dominates it. More than 90% of the market share belongs to Google. That’s probably because Google provides exactly what a user needs. Personalized results based on location and browsing history have enhanced the value of this search engine. Google redirects most of the web traffic and sets standards for search engine algorithms.


As for Bing, it’s Microsoft’s search engine that brands itself as the decision engine. And in case if you didn’t know, Bing powers a majority of Yahoo searches. Its global market share is 2.51%.


Bing Vs Google: Traits of Each Search Engine

Even though Google has a larger market share, there are certain traits of Bing for which you can use it to look for online deals. Let’s explore the best traits of both of them:

– Search Quality

When it comes to searching for something, Google focuses on figuring out what users are looking for. That’s why it shows suggestions too. And doing that, sometimes overlooks what a user is asking for.

Bing shows results that users need. In other words, the search results are aligned with what a user is looking for. The search result is more clear and more relevant.

– Video Search

Bing has a reputation for delivering better search results for video. Google is now giving priority to video in its searches too but it still filters most of the results. It filters out any video that could be adult conduct. Sometimes, you could use all the information out there.

Bing shows more videos in its search results than Google so that a user can find more of the content he wants.

– Autocomplete

Start typing anything in Google and it will populate the search bar with suggestions. It’s not just Google, Bing provides autocomplete suggestions too. This can help find good deals. As you type in “deals about Internet packages” or any other product, the autocomplete feature will suggest related products.

The difference with autocomplete is that Google provides only 4 suggestions whereas Bing provides 8.

– Extra Features

Google and Bing both offer a host of additional features to enhance the results.

Bing was the first one to offer these features. It introduced the infinite scroll option for image search results letting users browse images easier than ever. It also came with filter options. Although Bing introduced these features to improve the search results, that does not mean it’s better than Google.

– Local Search Results

There has been a dramatic rise in the “near me” searches since 2015. Later on, when the use of mobile devices increased, local searchers doubled in volume. Local search is no doubt a big business.

Bing shows more results when it comes to local searches. If you are looking for online deals near you, it will show you deals from small businesses as well.

Google, on the other hand, leans towards deals from established companies because it has a reputation for showing credible results.

Which Search Engine to Use for Online Deals?

So which search engine to use? Both seem to have their own set of qualities, right? If you are looking for quick results on your search, here’s how you can count on each search engine:

When to use Google?

  • For relevant information: If you are looking for quality results in response to informative queries, Google is your answer.
  • For instant search: Google and Bing both have other instant search features. But the instant search results from Google provide more relevant results and quickly too.
  • For connected products: Google has other products such as Google + and Google Readers to provide you with a wealth of information that is tailored to the results you are looking for. The internal integrations by Google are likely to influence the search results. For instance, if you have subscribed to Samsung or any other brand on Google+, the search engine will use your preferences and show you the deals of brands you like.

When to use Bing?

  • For social integration: Bing is great with social integration. The company is in contract with Twitter and Facebook to provide it access to more social data than Google. It integrates social recommendations into the search results better than Google which only uses Google + to show results.
  • For better visual appeal: The search result pages of Bing have better visual appeal and there are plenty of users who agree to that. The results are less cluttered. That means the best results on online deals will not be hidden behind useless features.

Bottom Line

Each search engine has some cool features that can land you on nice deals. It’s recommended to leverage the qualities of each search engine to find the best deals. Yes, by that, we mean that you use both Google and Bing to look for online deals.

In the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences. Some people like sticking to Google because it has the largest market share and its search results are credible as well. For instance, when you type Optimum customer service number (1-866-977-8129) on Google, the number shown will always be accurate. You won’t have to always check the official website of Optimum to find the number.

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