Bitcoin, The Digital Gold Is Better Than Real Gold for Investment

Bitcoin (BTC) didn’t take the world by its fancy when this crypto made entry into this world but excelled soon after that. It moved up the ladder of success from ground zero to an apex level of USD 20,000. It went down after that, and the trend of ups and downs continued.

Bitcoin’s price never touched USD 20,000 again which created some confusion for Bitcoin enthusiasts. The crypto experts have cleared the controversies, as they have an optimistic view of this cryptocurrency. Some experts have predicted that Bitcoin’s price will touch a new high of USD 1 million in the next five years.

Which cryptos will shine in financial markets?

Cryptocurrencies have volatile markets. Some descriptions justify a bullish move for digital assets. After the news of the USD 1 million price for Bitcoin price, crypto market movements have become intense. Digital assets have become the prime consideration of modern investors.

Bitcoin news has developed the faith of crypto traders in more cryptocurrencies. A few more crypto coins have been suggested for purchase in 2020 by the experts.

These are Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash, Basic Attention Token (BAT), NEM, NEO, Ardor (ARDR), Binance Coin (BNB), Tron (TRX), Digittex Futures (DGTX), EOS, Ripple, Titan coin (TTN), Status (SNT), Kyber Network (KNC), Icon (ICX), Ox (ZRX), Ren (REN), Horizen (ZEN), Hyperion (HYN), Wirex Token (WXT), Yap Stone (YAP), and You Coin (YOU).

How Bitcoin Price Impressed Traders

Let’s have a look at how Bitcoin prices moved into crypto markets. Bitcoin price was almost nothing until mid-March 2010. It was USD 0.003 on March 17, 2010.

It became a round figure for the first time in February 2011 when it was USD 1.00 but attained a two-digit figure of USD 31.00 in December 2012. The price rallied to three digits on April 11, 2013, when it was recorded at USD 266.

On November 29, 2013, it reached up to USD 1,242. Bitcoin was USD 2,000 on May 20, 2017, but was more than double on August 14, 2017, when the price was USD 4,400. It went up and up to reach USD 19 783.06 on December 17, 2017. It lost the price after that but never lost the confidence of the crypto traders.

Bitcoin is digital gold, better than real gold

How do you feel about Bitcoin? It is digital gold, which is far better than real gold because of its volatile nature.

  • Bitcoin has the same attributes as gold, with the apparent exception of tangibility.
  • It has a limited volume like real gold.
  • It is rare, like gold.
  • It is easier to acquire, store, and transfer than real gold. You can take digital gold to any geographical location on the computer network without risk.
  • There are no border restrictions to transfer gold from to another location.

What’s the news about Bitcoin?

What do you think about whether to buy Bitcoin or gold for future profits? If you read the above discussion, you will feel that Bitcoin is better than gold from various viewpoints.

Bitcoin wealth is better than gold wealth. The gold price has already attained a very high level, and its future predictions are not as optimistic as that of Bitcoin.

Investors can make a better decision to invest between these two options. Crypto Group can provide you the better information on the Bitcoin trade.

In the opinion of investment experts, trading Bitcoin is the best investment in the current time. Their belief is based on the comparison between various methods of investments. The facts are explicit from the available figures.

The next move of crypto traders could be intensive trading with more crypto coins named in this article. A practical-thinking person would opt for crypto trading; it could be Bitcoin or some altcoin.

Wrap up

At present, it may be difficult for new traders to repose their faith in cryptocurrency, but they will accept crypto traders as the method for investment over time.

The above figures are quite impressive and are entirely in favor of cryptocurrency trading. Bitcoin is not going to lose its charm in any situation. When many experts have made highly optimistic predictions, they all can’t be wrong.

Bitcoin is the right choice for both new and experienced traders for future profits. It is not stocks, forex, commodities, or gold, but Bitcoin will shine in the future.

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