Black Island Pendant Lights: How to Style in Your Modern Kitchen

The most common place you’ll find pendants hanging over the kitchen island, and the most popular color for this type of lighting is black. So it’s no surprise then that when it comes time to revamp this heavily used room in the home, most people will choose to hang black pendant lights. If you’re planning on making this update yourself, however, it’s not as simple as just buying the first pendants that strike your eye.

There are some important styling considerations to think about both before and after placement. No worries, though, because all you need to do is keep reading and we’ll cover everything you need to know!

What kitchen colors look best with black island pendants?

The great thing about this color is its versatility. Most commonly, you’ll see black pendants hung in kitchens with a modern style where blacks and whites are prevalent. The abundance of pendant and decor options in these colors makes them an easy way to go, but don’t be afraid to make a splash by adding some color. Be bold and paint an accent wall with a solid bright color. Something like stainless steel appliances can give a room more depth. Even a small and simple addition like a colorful bowl of fruit can quickly give a modern kitchen more life.

What other accents should I have when I have black island kitchen pendants?

Don’t be afraid to let nature into the kitchen! No rule says since you have black island pendant lights and a modern kitchen, that the room must also be lifeless and sterile. Add a natural, organic element by placing some plants on the windowsill. Assuming your pendants are spaced far enough apart and hung high enough (we’ll cover these issues next), you can create interest by adding a tall floral piece to the center of your island.

How many black pendants over the kitchen island should you have?

This will all depend on the length of your island. If it’s on the smaller side, which would be four to five feet in length, then it’s probably best to go with only two pendants over your island or even a single large pendant placed in the center. If you go with multiples, then you should also look for fixtures on the smaller side, which would be a foot or less in diameter. Most lighting retailers will refer to these as mini pendants, but don’t worry as they’re still more than large enough to provide you with adequate illumination for food prep and other tasks.

Kitchen islands over five feet in length can have two to three pendants. Space them at least two feet apart, but you can go wider as long as you keep things even. Look for pendants on the larger side, up to 18 inches in diameter. You will probably want to avoid any pendants under 10 inches in diameter unless you’re going for a minimalist look.

How far apart should I hang my black pendant fixtures?

The best distance to space your pendants is two feet. This is thinking in terms of both what will look nice and also what will be functional. The spacing should be done by measuring from the center of one fixture to the center of the other, not from the closest sides. Leaving adequate room between your pendants will keep things spaced nicely while still providing even, complete lighting over your island.

How high should you hang black island pendant lighting?

To ensure you have plenty of light while still giving yourself more than enough room to move around without banging your head, hang your fixtures at 30 to 36 inches above your kitchen island. Do your measurement from the top of the counter to the very bottom of the fixture.

While doing your browsing, you’ll want to ensure the pendants you buy have an adjustable hanging length to make setting the proper height an easy part of the installation. Almost all pendants come with an adjustable hanging method, and it should be listed on the product page. An experienced installer should have no problem meeting this need for you, just make sure to specify the height you’d like before they begin the placement.

What shape of a black island pendant is best for the kitchen?

First, we’ll need to determine just how much function you’ll be needing from your fixtures. If your kitchen already has plenty of illumination from its existing light sources, then you can go with whichever shape you think looks best. Just be careful not to pick something too large if you have a smaller kitchen, as this could make things feel cramped and overcrowded.

If, though, you’ll need the light to help you with food preparation or other household tasks, then the shape you choose for your pendants is very important. Look for a fixture that provides a focused, directed light while doing your browsing. The most common types of kitchen pendants which will fit this need are domes and bells. Cone-shaped pendants will also work. Cylinder pendants can work, but only if you need some light but not a huge amount as they won’t always spread light out well.

Think over everything we’ve discussed today carefully. With patient searching, you’ll find black pendants that are just right for your kitchen, you’ll know exactly how to place them, and what other items will really make the room look beautiful for years to come.

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