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Hello everyone, my name is Michael Powell, and I am the Head of Content for the fan site CasinoLogin.mobi. I have thoroughly studied the blackjack game and am ready to share some interesting facts with you. My tips will help you earn money in the card game and will be a good guide for your future victories. So let’s go!

What is Blackjack, and What are the Rules of the Game?

If you prefer to play card games, then online blackjack casino reviews will convince you to try your skills here. The game’s goal is simple – to score 21 points and not bust simultaneously. Often, players are confronted by a dealer or banker who takes the side of the casino. It is allowed to play blackjack with one or more decks (usually up to 8).

Considering the rules, I want to point out the simplicity of this game, where you need to use cards from 2 to 10 (paid at face value) and from Jack to Ace. Cards from Jack to King are worth 10 points, while Ace is worth 1 or 11 points, depending on your hand. Try to score close to 21 total points to beat the dealer.

If you have collected a combination of more than 21 points, then you automatically lose. Equality is declared if the dealer and the player have the same points, and the bet money is returned to the player.

Online Blackjack at Online Casino

This kind of online blackjack does not differ from the classic version, except for the process of playing on the Internet. Here you also need to place bets on a PC or mobile device’s monitor screen, where the cards are distributed by a virtual dealer – special software. There are also options for playing with live dealers in real time via webcam.

Regarding the virtual version of the card game in the online casino, players should seriously prepare for the battle to win. This is due to the impressive percentage of return of simulators. The average RTP of online blackjack is as high as 99.5%, translating into a $99.5 return on $100 bets. But to complete the gaming session, you need to use various strategies that increase the chance of winning. For example, Basic Blackjack Strategy or Double Down Strategy, etc.

Interesting Blackjack Facts by Michael Powell

After researching the available information about blackjack, as well as talking to the experts of this card game, I gathered a few basic facts:

  • The first name comes from the game vingt-et-un, which translates from French as 21. This game was played in 18th-century France.
  • According to blackjack rules, the dealer must stop at 17 points or higher; if he does not have enough points, he draws a card.
  • The basic blackjack strategy is to reduce the casino’s edge and increase the likelihood of success.
  • The gambling world knows various card games, such as Pontoon, Classic Blackjack, and Double Exposure Blackjack.
  • Many consider playing cards to be pure luck, but others use strategy, bankroll management skills, and the right bets to increase their chances of winning.
  • The popularity of blackjack is evident because this game is often featured in movies and TV shows (House M.D., Revolver, etc.).
  • Some casinos allow you to count cards, significantly increasing the chances of winning. But you need to initially check this condition because, in most establishments, card counting is prohibited.

Some facts about online blackjack:

  • Online blackjack works based on a random number generator that gives out random cards, indicating the gameplay’s honesty.
  • When choosing a card game, users can count on special bonuses and promotional offers that replenish the bankroll and increase the chances of winning. For example, a welcome bonus in online blackjack, a reload bonus for a deposit, etc.
  • This virtual version is presented in different formats in the online casino, where you can play with a virtual dealer and a live dealer. This game is played from studios or ground-based establishments on high-tech, high-definition cameras, guaranteeing an almost authentic gaming experience.
  • Some online casinos offer multiplayer card game versions where you can compete against other players instead of playing against the croupier. This format provides communication between the participants of the game process and creates a fun gaming atmosphere with live communication.
  • Playing virtual blackjack allows you to choose the time and place of the game because it is available around the clock from a computer or smartphone. You can connect to the game if you have a stable Internet connection using the browser version of the online casino or download the application for a more convenient game.

Top casinos offer a wide range of types of these card games, which differ in rules. The latter affects the probability of winning and the percentage of RTP, forcing players to decide the game according to their personal preferences.

In this case, you need to consider an example because, in some online blackjack or land versions, the dealer can stop on soft 17 or continue the game in another version. So before starting the game, ask about the rules in the chosen gambling establishment.


My research has shown that blackjack is a mega-popular game in land-based or virtual gambling establishments. Due to the gameplay’s dynamism, the rules’ simplicity, and the ability to communicate with other players, I can distinguish this card game from other varieties.

But you need to understand that this casino game relies not only on luck because the game’s strategy and tactics take place here. You must properly manage your finances and use ready-made betting strategies, such as the Basic Blackjack Strategy, which will significantly increase the chances of winning and avoid unnecessary financial losses.

Remember age because gambling in Australia is only possible after 21. Learn strategies and play responsibly to protect yourself from unexpected financial losses.

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