How to Block the Rodent High Ways at Home?

There is nothing pleasant about finding out you have rodents in your home. Mice and rats are known to carry an array of diseases, some are which can be seriously detrimental to your health.

Of course, you can put traps down, and poison, and you should call your local, reputable, exterminators. This will quickly eliminate the issue allowing you to feel safe in your own home. But, unless you deal with the highways that allow these rodents into your home, you’re going to be faced with the same problem again in the future.

That’s why you must learn how to block these rodent highways:

Inspect Your Home

The first step is to walk around the outside of your home, paying particular attention to the doors and windows. You’re looking for any gap that a mouse or rat could get through. You may be surprised to learn that a mouse can squeeze through a gap as small as ¼ inch.

That means almost any gap can be an entry point.

Once you’ve inspected your home and identified the potential entry points you need to fill them. Silicon sealant, cement, or simply joint repair compounds can all be effective in sealing the hole permanently.

Just remember to repeat the inspection regularly.

Avoid Feeding The Birds

It’s nice to feel like you’re doing your bit to help wildlife. Plus, seeing a variety of birds in your garden is lovely. Unfortunately, the birds will drop some of the food and the scent of this will attract a variety of pests, including rodents that will attempt to get into your home.

Storing Pet Food

An effective way of stopping rodents from using the highways in your home is to reduce the appeal of your home. That means making sure there is no food they can access in your home.

Store all open bags of food in plastic or metal containers, including pet food. Airtight containers are difficult for rodents to access, reducing the appeal of your home.

Store Garbage Properly

A sealed bin will prevent the scents from attracting wild animals. However, you should also consider your garbage when you take it outside. A sealed bag may not be enough. It should be placed inside a sealed bin as far away from your house as possible. This will prevent it from attracting rodents and other pests.

Eliminate Plants Close To Your Home

Rodents generally like to sneak into your home. If you have bushes and other plants around the walls of your home then you’ve created a great hiding spot for them, making it easier for them to get into your home safely.

Eliminate these plants and make sure you have a concrete strip, at least 6 inches wide, all around your home.

Professional Help

It is always worth contacting your local pest control firm. They won’t just help you to eliminate rodents, they will also inspect your home and yard to identify potential risks. You can then deal with them or the experts will for you.

That’s a very convenient and simple way to resolve the issue.

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