Bluetooth Brilliance – 5 Ways To Put Bluetooth Technology To Work In Your Business

Let’s face it, cords and wires are annoying. But, we need them for various applications around the workplace. This includes connecting devices to facilitate communication. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can create a wire-free workplace while enjoying all the benefits offered by this technology.  Bluetooth is useful for connecting laptops, speakers, digital assistant devices, and even smart Bluetooth door locks.

But, it’s important to understand how Bluetooth technology works if you want to make the most of it in your office.

How does it work?

Bluetooth connects computers and other devices using short-wave frequencies. Compared to wireless LAN, Bluetooth has a shorter range and can only work if devices are near each other.

It can connect up to eight devices at once without interference from other wireless items like garage doors or security gadgets. Wi-Fi can have issues with that. 

Thanks to the short-range, it’s impossible to hack into a Bluetooth network. But, it does happen in rare cases when IT managers fail to apply proper security measures. One way to avoid this is to update your Bluetooth network to the latest version.

Five Bluetooth applications for businesses

1- Bluetooth Marketing

Research suggests that 70% of smartphone users use a store locator and a further 63% use their phone to check prices and product data. Retail businesses can leverage consumer smartphone use through the Bluetooth beacon device.

A Bluetooth beacon is a small, battery-operated device that mounts on the wall or ceiling. It broadcasts short data streams to other nearby Bluetooth enabled devices.

These short descriptive messages usually feature an attached URL with content that’s relevant to where you are or what you’re doing. Retail stores can use beacons to reach out to people on the sidewalk, prompting them to enter the store based on its products, special offers, or past patronage. This device uses very little energy and doesn’t need tedious pairing.   

2- Cordless phones

Bluetooth availability means that employees can link their smartphones to the PBX and use them as cordless phones for faster communication. 

3- Employee tracking

Another useful application for Bluetooth in the office space is as a personnel tracking device. This requires you to invest in a large Bluetooth network that allows employees to plug in and appear on it whenever they come into the building.

There are many scenarios where this would come in handy. For instance, you can switch off people’s mobile phones before you go into a meeting to avoid distractions. You can also use it to divert phone calls to the office assistant or secretary. 

4- Wireless device connectivity 

Device connectivity is the most well-known application for Bluetooth technology. It’s useful for connecting personal printers, smartphones, and mouse devices wirelessly. This feature is also helpful for syncing calendars and diaries to avoid schedule clashes. 

5- Meeting room tracking

Let’s say you want to have an impromptu meeting with your team. Using beacon Bluetooth technology, you can check which meeting rooms are available straight from your smartphone. Once a beacon device is installed in a meeting room, its status is automatically updated once an employee enters the room. 


As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to deploying Bluetooth technology in the office. From streamlining sales operations to saving on IT maintenance costs. You can also use it to wirelessly track your staff, create cordless phones, and synchronize schedules to optimize productivity.

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