How It Works — Body Fat Percentage Measure With a Smart Body Scale

Body fat is something everyone has, only in different amounts. Whether you’re a professional athlete who pays attention to every bite or someone who’s struggling to become healthier and fit back into their old jeans, your goal will probably be to have as little body fat percentage as possible. However, this information isn’t so easy to come by unless you have the right tools.

One of the tools you need to measure your body fat percentage and reach your health and fitness goals is a smart body scale, which can provide this information instantaneously. Discover how these fat percentage measuring devices work by reading a review based on our revolutionary product — the Eros Scale.

What Is Body Fat Percentage?

Before we get into details about how a smart body scale can help you care for your health, let’s first go over the basic explanation of the information it provides. In this case, our focus is body fat percentage, which is the number you get by dividing the amount of fat in your body by your weight and multiplying the result by 100. As you can guess, the lower the number is, the better you’ll look and feel in your body.

Why Is It Important to Track Body Fat Percentage?

Tracking body fat percentage is important for a couple of reasons. The first reason you should pay attention to your body fat level is health-related. People with a higher body fat percentage are more likely to suffer from hypertension, heart conditions, diabetes, stroke, and other serious illnesses.

Additionally, many believe that a higher weight indicates a higher body fat percentage, even though it could indicate more muscle mass. By tracking body fat percentage, you’ll know whether you need to change your diet and intensify physical activity, or you can relax and enjoy that muscle gain you worked so hard for.

How Does a Smart Body Scale Measure Body Fat Percentage?

Now that you know what body fat is and why you should measure it, let’s clarify how a simple device like the Eros Smart Body Fat Scale can help you calculate it. This particular scale bases its results on bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). Since this scientific term might be a bit difficult to grasp, we’ll break down how it works and define it using simple terms for better understanding.

So, as you may know, our body contains a lot of water distributed differently through various body tissues. For instance, our muscles contain more than 70% water, while body fat contains around 10%.

Water conducts electricity very well, which is the principle BIA uses to measure your body fat percentage. Namely, when you step on a smart body composition scale, BIA will send weak electrical signals through your body.

Depending on the water content, the electrical current will move at different speeds and come across different resistance levels. In other words, the current will pass quickly through your muscles and face little or no resistance, but it’ll have a hard time passing through your body fat. Once the scale collects this data, the speed by which the electric signal passes through your body will determine how much body fat percentage you have.

Yet, to get the best out of this scale, you should also provide some additional data, such as:

  • Your gender
  • Age
  • Height
  • Physical activity level

Naturally, the scale will measure your weight and add it to the calculation, after which the analyzer will do its math and determine your current body fat percentage.

Smart Body Scale App

Almost every smart scale with body fat measuring capabilities comes with a designated mobile app. The app is necessary for detailed data tracking.

When you connect the scale to its free native mobile app, you’ll be able to add necessary details and see your body fat percentage and other metrics. Furthermore, there’s no limit to the number of people who can use one smart body fat scale, as long as each user downloads the app to their mobile phone or creates a separate profile on a single device.

Final Thoughts

A smart body scale is an excellent tool for tracking your body fat percentage and helping you stay on track with your fitness goals. Using BIA technology to measure the amount of water in your body, a smart body scale can give you an accurate reading of your body composition.

The Eros smart scale is a highly convenient instrument for measuring body fat percentage. Moreover, it comes with a mobile app that will help you track your progress and adjust your diet and exercise plan accordingly. So, without further ado, get your Eros scale today, measure your body fat percentage, and take control over your body for life.


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