5 Body Signals Warning About Health Problems?

Your body is a temple and should be preserved and guarded cautiously. It continuously communicates to you and gives you clues about your well-being. Of course, the best way to cure the illness is to prevent it. For that, it is suggested to be active, have a healthy diet, avoid bacterias and impurities, etc. Many of us follow these recommendations. They have a healthy lifestyle and are using disinfecting wipes regularly to reduces the risk of infection. However, some illnesses are harder to prevent. That is why it is important to start the curing process as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some people are ignoring the signals and stuff themselves with antibiotics and painkillers to block the pain and discomfort forgetting to tend to the source of the problems. Each pain and discomfort is a warning sign that some processes are taking place in your body. They don’t necessarily mean that you have a serious disease, but they can help you to realize the problem in its early stages. Ignoring the signs is ignorant as they can save you from future suffering.

Here are 5 signals that your body sends you as a warning sign. Listen to it carefully!

1. Unintentional Weight loss

If you haven’t made any adjustments in your dietary routine or started a rigorous physical training to lose those extra pounds of yours, but you still “by luck” lost sufficient amount of weight, get an immediate check-up! This can be a symptom of cancer. Of course, in some lucky cases, the reason is not found and this can be explained by just the body adjusting to some subtle changes in lifestyle or diet. However, this is your body’s way of telling you to get it checked out the moment you feel lighter for no reason! Getting diagnosed for cancer can be done in many ways depending on a specific type of cancer. It can range from Biopsy, Radiology, X-ray, CT Scan, you name it. One of the non-invasive ways of being diagnosed is the ultrasound.  The doctor applies ultrasound gel on your skin then places the device and searches for abnormalities. In any case, getting an immediate checkup is a must! Other etiologies of sudden weight loss are diabetes, heart failure, Parkinson’s disease, tuberculosis, etc.

2. You find yourself Constantly Exhausted

If you got your 8-hour beauty sleep, you eat healthily, exercise religiously, and stay hydrated but you feel lack of energy, then you might have a problem.  Fatigue is your body’s way to slow you down and pay attention! Try not to confuse fatigue with the feeling of drowsiness as these are two different types of symptoms. When you feel tired you may find a lack of motivation, difficulty with concentration, and starting a task.  A lot of people have these symptoms and don’t really consider this to be a problem. In reality, fatigue can be a sign of a number of issues that your organism is battling with, and neglecting this can turn out to be a pain in the neck later on. The most common cause of the feeling of tiredness is a problem with thyroids. So next time you feel fatigued hit you for no reason, get to the doctor’s office immediately to get your thyroid checked out.

3. You are Breaking Out

You are past the embarrassing acne teen ages, but your skin still breaks out? Nope, this is not a sign that you are getting younger, instead, your body is explicitly signaling you to pay attention. The skin is the best indicator of a person’s health. Smooth and healthy skin translates like healthy organs. So next time your skin breaks out, go ahead and see a doctor! One of the most widespread causes of acne, pimples, and eczema are problems related to the nervous system, nutrition, a problem with your hormonal system, or dehydration. Make sure to go through a check-up in order to know the exact reason to cure your breakout properly, instead of rushing to a store to purchase expensive skincare products that might not help.

4. Abdominal Bloating

Do you find yourself constantly bloated even though you try to eat smaller portions and don’t abuse alcohol, soft drinks, and other foods that can be heavy for your body? If yes, then you should be paying attention! The culprit can be ovarian cancer.  Of course, the symptom is usually accompanied by an increase in urination, abdominal pain, and difficulty eating, but the bloated stomach in itself is already an indicator to be extra cautious. Have an emergency visit to your gynecologist. You will get your ovary checked out with an ultrasound. The procedure is safe and harmless as long as the doctor uses a sterile ultrasound gel.

5. Changes in Your Handwriting

It might actually seem crazy, but your handwriting can be a symptom too! Well, it is more of a warning sign anyway. Let’s have an experiment now.

Take a piece of paper and a pen.

Write down 1 sentence “ I am totally healthy” on a piece of paper 10 times

Now take a look. If the letters become smaller and more spaced together, then you are in trouble, this can actually be a symptom of Parkinson’s Disease. Some other symptoms include irregular sleep cycles, very intense dreams, and the inability to smell mouthwatering odors. Having these symptoms should prompt you to visit a neurologist!

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