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This year snooker fans will not see the main event of this season – the championship in China. In Europe, snooker tournaments are still held as planned, but the Gibraltar Open was held with an empty hall. Bookmaker affiliate –  informs that the fast tournament in Gibraltar had some value for the sport.

Features of Gibraltar Open:

  1. The competition in Gibraltar was the final stage in the European Series.
  2. Mark Williams and Kyren Wilson had every chance of making it into the top eight.
  3. John Higgins has decided not to participate in the game.
  4. A big win for the first place, as well as for winning the whole series.

Only one player managed to win in this competition. Anyone with a keen analytical mind should go to bookmaker affiliate – 1xBetaffiliates and start earning money on the results of sporting events.

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Who got the victory?

There was only one really motivated player in the whole tournament – Judd Trump. For him, it wasn’t just a victory in the final game. Winning for 1st place in the series – 150,000 ft. In addition, the victory of all rivals in the tournament brought glory to the namesake of the current president of America, as no one had done it before and it was a full-fledged world record.

To oppose something against such a participant is simply unrealistic. The player will do anything to win, which is what happened. During the game, Judd played with dignity and showed excellent results. Kyren Wilson tried to confront his opponent with something, but Trump was too determined because he was going to be a record holder.

Fans are not an important element in the competition, but when Judd Trump scored the final match-ball, it was a shame that the hall did not explode with applause. According to experts, Judd is in excellent form, so his rivals had very little chance. His high motivation to win the European series and set a record was the fundamental moment that brought the player victory.

At the end of the Gibraltar Open, the names of the snooker players who went to the championship were named. Among the finalists, there are the names of Higgins, Murphy, and Allen. They are really the best players who deserve to take part in the best snooker championship. Despite the lack of support in the stands, there is no doubt that the athletes will show good results. We will see an interesting game in the future championship, as the best snooker players have passed. The competition will take place at the end of March.

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