Boost Your Financial Situation: How Can Writing Help?

How Can You Make Money by Writing?

Many people who like writing and consider it to be their hobby ask themselves if there is any way to mix business and pleasure and actually make some money doing it. If you are one of such people, well, then good for you, as there are tons of opportunities to get some extra cash for your writing, now probably more so than ever before.

The Internet and digital economy make it increasingly easy to bring your writing under the spotlight, and you can totally benefit from it. Do you think something like, “No way I can make money with my writing”? Let us try to make you change your mind. In this article, we will cover some of the best ways to make money by writing available to you right now.

1. Create an Information Product

Are you an expert in something? It can be anything, from gardening to restoring old cars and from crocheting to building a nuclear fallout bunker. If you are very familiar with a certain topic, you can monetize this knowledge by creating an information product and selling it. The format does not matter – you can write an e-book, a printable, an informative video – whatever electronic format you can think of.

The main advantage here is that you virtually do not have to invest anything into it except your time – just create a high-quality product and make sure potential customers can easily find and buy it.

2. Help Students with Their Writing

Writing does not come equally easily to all people. While you may consider penning an essay to be an easy and probably even pleasant thing to do, many people out there see such tasks as the worst kind of hell. It is, therefore, hardly surprising that those of them who have to write essays and other types of written assignments (i.e., students, especially those who do not aim to pursue a career where writing is relevant) often look for somebody to help them out. Simply type something like “Do my essay reviews” into Google, and you will find dozens of websites offering this kind of service – and they will be happy to work with you.

3. Write Reviews

While you may think that nobody is interested in your opinion, you will be amazed at how many opportunities there are for reviewing stuff for money. If you spend a little time looking for opportunities, you will find plenty of websites and organizations offering to pay you for review writing dealing with virtually anything: books, video games, apps, gadgets, websites, movies, etc. Just decide what you are particularly interested in and where you are more likely to give an interesting and engaging opinion.

4. Write Resumes

This job requires a bit of training to properly master; you may have to take a course or read a couple of guides covering this topic. However, once you work it out, you will get a long-term and stable source of income, because if there is something people are going to need no matter what, this something is 100% resumes.

If you manage to learn how to write effective and attractive resumes that increase one’s chances of landing an interview, you will never run out of clients. A similar way to earn money through writing is by organizing and editing LinkedIn profiles – considering how important they are in the professional community, it is no wonder that many people are ready to pay good money to have them optimized.

5. Participate in Writing Contests

Many writing contests are held every year, and some of them pay surprisingly well. Of course, only the winners get paid, so it is not a very good idea to rely on contests as a regular source of income, but they are a good way to train your skills and, if you manage to win, get exposure as a real writer.

6. Ghostwrite

Here’s a secret for you: when you see a name under an online article or a blog post, especially if this name crops up very often, it is quite possible that this particular person, in fact, does not have anything to do with the content in question. It is a well-known fact that ghostwriters stand behind many celebrity autobiographies and other books supposedly written by famous or overly busy people.

However, many blogs and websites hire ghostwriters as well. They provide a brand, ghostwriters provide writing, and everybody is happy. Moreover, you can expect ghostwriting gigs to pay 30% to 50% higher than other texts of the same kind, because you cannot add them to your portfolio.

7. Write Scripts for Videos

Here’s another secret – do you watch a lot of video content? Do you have favorite video creators on YouTube or other channels? You probably wonder how they find enough time to do research for their videos, write scripts for them, edit them and keep a steady stream of new videos without delays. If you ever tried your hand at video editing, you should know that it is an enormous amount of work.

Well, the thing is, many video content creators, especially those with large followings and regular update schedules, do not actually do all these things. Chances are, they delegate most of these activities to others, and scriptwriting is probably the first candidate for such delegation. So, if you understand the technical intricacies of scriptwriting and have a way with words, you can create a lucrative partnership with a video creator. After all, it is their job to have an excellent video presence and delivering skills – but not all of them can boast of having equally great writing skills.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make money writing, especially if you are ready to go out of your way, apply a lot of effort, and try out new things. Just apply a little ingenuity, be on the lookout for potential openings and constantly improve your skills, and you will be able to carve out your niche soon enough.

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  1. Good material. Will be useful to aspiring writers.
    Despite stereotypes, a writer does not have to be hungry and misunderstood. Today, writers have many ways and opportunities at their disposal to define their market and create marketable content for their target audience, as well as earn a steady income from it. A writer can realize his or her potential not only by publishing books, blogging, or writing articles but also by helping students write college assignments. Talented people should not be afraid to try their hand at writing. It is not only a good income but also a pleasant occupation.

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