How to Effectively Boost Your Podcast Listener Numbers in Four Simple Ways?

As technology continuously evolves its way of making the impossible possible, blogging with the use of audio known as podcasts has become a thing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With its upright rise in the top audio streaming services like Spotify and iTunes, over 1.9 million podcasts were identified by Podcast Insights in the first quarter of 2021.

With that number of podcasts available online, the chance of getting your podcast recognized by your fans lessens and the target audience lessens.

Because of that, you will need to effectively upscale your podcast marketing strategies. As marketers give many marketing strategies to aspiring podcasters, trying each of them can drain their efforts and finances.

To avoid spending more in trying out 20 or more podcast marketing strategies, here are four simple ways how you can effectively boost your podcast to the audio listening communities across platforms online.

How to Effectively Boost Your Podcast?

1- Record at least three to five tracks before launching your podcast

Nothing beats a well-prepared podcaster. As most of your first-time listeners like to listen longer to your material before deciding on following your series and recommending them to their friends, it is important to drop three up to five tracks on its launch day.

In this way, you will let your listeners engage more in the content you make on its launch day and know their thoughts about the podcast.

2- Find a suitable platform for your podcast

As many audio streaming services include podcasting in their service available online, it is important to select the platform that fits your targeted number of listeners and ease of use when partnering with them.

In choosing one, you must research the excellence of their podcasting programs offered for independent and streamlined podcasters and many more. If we look at today’s podcast listeners’ choice of listening platform, the likes of Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes dominate with the most number of podcast listeners throughout the podcast era.

3- Be creative with your podcast promotional materials

Marketing your podcast includes posting teasers and updates through print media, your blog, and social media handles. And while you are giving away tiny bits of information about your next podcast episodes, the engagements you will sometimes receive lessen in the long run.

Because of that, many podcast creators put their marketing creativity to the test with the use of various marketing tools including the use of QR codes, which they can generate with the use of a QR code generator online.

They use these 2D codes to store their podcast link in Spotify, Soundcloud, and iTunes and place them in their print media, social media, and blogs.

One of the QR code solutions podcast creators are using to promote their podcasts is the use of a Spotify QR code as it offers great value.

4- Never forget to create an audience-relevant tagline for your podcast.

To instill brand awareness in your existing and prospective listeners, you must always create an audience-relevant tagline in every podcast episode you are teasing on your social media posts and blogs. And in making your tagline, it is important to give the line more relevance to your audience.


As listening to audio commentaries has shifted from radio to online audio streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, and more, the opportunity to potentially showcase one’s voice talent widens.

As this growth means tighter competition in terms of dominating the top, marketing the podcast becomes a better choice for the creators.

With QR codes as one of today’s marketers’ go-to marketing tools, promoting your podcast with the use of these 2D codes helps bring more listeners in just a scan away.

For you to do that, you can always rely on the use of a QR code generator with a logo like QRTiger to boost your podcast listener numbers.

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