7 Awesome Branding Ideas to Help Get Your Logo Known

There are certain things to do when it comes to getting your logo out there and known. You can check out our branding ideas here.

Your logo is more important than you might think. It represents your brand and it should be one of the first things people think of when your company gets mentioned.

But how do you get your logo out there?

Don’t fret, we’ve got a list of amazing branding ideas you can try out right now. Most of these brand ideas cost little to nothing, meaning you can launch these strategies quickly to widen your reach.

1. Use It On Your Website

Got a website? You should feature your logo front and center.

Most websites feature a header and you should keep your logo there. This guarantees people can always see your logo regardless of which page they’re on.

Go one step further and turn the logo into a link. When someone clicks on it, it should always bring them back to the homepage.

2. Feature The Logo On the Packaging

If you focus on eCommerce and retail, you shouldn’t forget to feature your company logo on the packaging. Put the logo on the bag, on the wrapping plastic, and on the courier package too if possible. Print or sticker branding on packaging so ensures consumers see the logo the moment they get what they purchased.

3. Merchandising

Merchandising is a great way for you to expose your logo and brand. It’s also a great way to earn a decent profit while also giving loyal fans an avenue to show support.

What kind of merchandising works? Add your logo to t-shirts, pens, mugs, umbrellas, tumblers, and other items people often use regularly. You can check out these labels for great examples.

4. Business Cards Still Rock

Contrary to popular belief, business cards still rock. Keep in mind that not everyone has a smartphone. Even if you’re marketing to tech-savvy consumers, business cards can still work to your advantage if you design them right.

Modern business cards should look clean, and sleek, and should feature a QR code to your website. Make sure to include the URL they can type in to find your social media pages too. Of course, add your logo to the card and make it stand out!

5. Take Advantage Of Double Entendres

Double entendres make for some of the most brilliant branding ideas. Who can forget the hidden arrow in the logo for FedEx or how the arrow in the Amazon logo goes from A to Z?

If you want to get your logo and brand out there, you need to design it in a way people will want to share it and talk about it. Double entendres are great design methods to achieve this.

6. Twitter And Humor

Remember when Wendy’s posted all those sarcastic and funny tweets? They’re not the only brand getting exposure thanks to their great sense of humor. Check out the Twitter accounts of Thoughts of Dog, MoonPie, and even Netflix.

Jump on this trend if you can. Humor on Twitter is a good way to grab attention and encourage people to keep talking about your brand.

7. Don’t Forget to Email Marketing

Yes, even in 2020, email marketing still works wonders. However, you can’t rely on pure text. Add diversity to your emails and don’t forget to put your logo front and center.

Take Advantage Of These Branding Ideas Now!

Do you like some of the branding ideas on this list? Why waste time when you can take advantage of these strategies right now? Work on getting your brand and logo out there!

Of course, branding is only one corner of effective marketing. If you want to discover more tips and tricks, we invite you to read more of our articles here. Get all the useful guides you need, right now.

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