Brave the Summer Heat with These Skincare Hacks

There’s a unique excitement that comes with summer. The warmth of the sun would make anyone want to put on their swimsuit and go for a swim! But along with the fun of being under the sun are several pesky skincare troubles.

Fret these skincare problems come with effective solutions that will have you comfortably basking in the sun in no time. Take note of these summer skin practices that your face and body need to keep looking fresh and moisturized during the warm weather.

Skincare Hack #1: Lighten Your Skincare Routine

Change up your winter skincare routine to fit summer, taking note that hot, humid weather makes you sweat more. This allows more oil to easily stick to your skin, and a thick layer of moisturizer only serves to clog your pores. That means breakouts and other irritations. Yikes!

Still, don’t skip the moisturizer. Instead, you should switch to a lighter one, such as gel-based moisturizers that will help you avoid the icky, greasy feeling on your skin. For your body, stick to a non-greasy whitening lotion to keep skin fresh and even out the skin tone while still allowing you to enjoy the time under the sun.

Another tip is to wash your face regularly, but not to over-wash. Too much washing leads to more oil production. Just going with a twice-a-day routine should do the trick.

Skincare Hack #2: Exfoliate Your Face and Body

The easier buildup of dirt on the skin due to the warm weather makes it all the more necessary to exfoliate this season. Do some good exfoliation once or twice a week, depending on your skin sensitivity, to give it the deep cleanse it needs.

Confused about physical and chemical exfoliation techniques? It all really depends on how well your skin responds to either kind.

Physical exfoliators are pretty helpful for the body, as scrubbing can have a relaxing effect on it. Body scrubs may also be better for your body due to the skin’s less delicate nature there than the face.

The face may benefit more from chemical exfoliators that go deep into the skin to break bonds in skin cells to remove dirt and other particles. Also, chemical exfoliators have certain anti-aging properties.

Skincare Hack #3: Refrigerate Your Products

When you notice the weather getting warmer, gather your organic products, eye creams, gel moisturizers, and sheet masks and put them inside the fridge. Trust us. Your skin will thank you for adding a cooling effect to your skincare and makeup routine. Not to mention, the coolness also helps reduce puffiness on the face.

In sweltering weather, your lipsticks could melt when left outside. Feel free to put your lipstick collection in the ref, too, to maintain their shape.

Not everything should be refrigerated, though! Oil-based products will turn solid if kept in the fridge, for example. Refrigeration also causes the oil to separate from the mixture, making some products more difficult to use afterward.

Skincare Hack #4: Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen

Sunscreen is always important, no matter the season. Don’t just rely on lotions and moisturizers that have a bit of SPF. Use broad-spectrum sunscreen daily and reapply every two hours throughout the day.

SPF 30 is usually good for your daily routine, but if you have particularly sun-sensitive skin, consider using a higher SPF. If you usually wear makeup, consider a tinted sunscreen that will make reapplying a simpler task. There are also powder sunscreens in the market that you can directly apply to your made-up face using a makeup brush.

Skincare Hack #5: Put on Light, Waterproof Makeup

The amount of sweating you do in the summer makes waterproof makeup essential. No one would want to accidentally spread mascara and eyeliner all over their face thanks to sweaty eyelids, after all.

It’s also important to choose waterproof makeup that is of high quality and actually matches the claims it gives. A brand, such as Jonteblu has the best felt tip eyeliner that is quick-drying, long-lasting, and waterproof.

Opt for lightweight base makeup products, too. Pass on oil-based foundations for now or even skip the foundation entirely. Use a light BB cream or a tinted moisturizer instead for lighter coverage that lets the skin breathe. Think of summer as the time to let your natural glow shine through!

Summer requires a few necessary adjustments to your daily skincare regimen. One way to address these changes with minimal stress is to use multipurpose products, such as tinted moisturizers and sunscreens. They are versatile and incredibly helpful in reducing the number of layers you will have to put on your face.

You’ll be sure to beat the harshness of summer by caring for both your face and body through a perfectly tailored skincare routine!

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