Bridge the Miles with These 7 Thoughtful Thinking-of-You Gifts

Even with Zoom, phone calls, and texting, it’s difficult being far from someone you love. The distance can take a toll on any relationship. Whether it’s a parental, friendship, or romantic relationship, the miles between two people, can feel insurmountable, especially if you’re unable to physically see each other often.

During the pandemic, even those who lived down the street from one another may not have gotten together, making one mile seem like a million. The important people in our lives cross our minds all the time.  Why not make an effort to show that you are thinking of them?

  • Letters for a Year of Gratitude: Write Now. Keep in Touch Always – One of Oprah’s favorite things, this is an envelope-sized booklet with tear-out pages to send to that person you are thinking about. With a selection of interesting designs and prompts, (to make the letter writing and gratitude a bit easier to express), this booklet encourages connection across the miles.
  • A Homesick Candle – Does every geographical location have its unique scent? The Homesick Candle store would say yes. The Dallas candle boasts hints of smoky cedarwood and leather, while the Alaska candle emits notes of cedar, mountain spruce, and forest moss. There are candle offerings for a variety of cities, and all of the states, as well as candles that burn with nostalgia for a beach cottage, or backyard BBQ. This is a great “thinking of you” gift for someone who misses being home.
  • Egift Cards – The pinnacle of convenience, egift cards can be purchased and sent instantly, whether it’s online, over e-mail, or via text. Plus, there are a number of their favorite brands to choose from when making your purchase, including restaurants, various pharmacies, automotive, home and garden, personal and pet services, hotels, attractions, and more. You know what it is your loved one wants and would appreciate the most. Show them that they matter, near or far.
  • Friendship Lamps – Have you ever had a strong sense that someone in your life was thinking about you? Now you can pass along that same feeling to them, in the form of a friendship lamp. Connect as many lamps as you like, all over the globe. There are ten different color options, so you can choose your favorite hue. How does it work? All you do is touch your lamp, and the other lamps will glow simultaneously, wherever they are located in the world. This is a great idea for siblings, BFFs, kids that have gone off to college, grandma and grandpa, pen-pals, romantic partners, or your college roommate who shared so many unique experiences with you.
  • A Basket of all Their Favorite Things – While store-bought baskets are nice, there’s nothing quite like a basket, put together by someone who knows them well. What are some of their favorite things? Do they love dolphins? Grab a dolphin plushy. Do they love Cheetos? Grab a few snack-sized bags. Consider including items like Mad Libs, finger puzzles, gel pens in their favorite colors, small, scented candles, small bags of hot chocolate, and flavored coffees. This is a meaningful gift that they’ll continue to enjoy for a long time to come!
  • A Hardy Plant – Flowers are nice, but they often die within a week. A hardy plant, however, will stay strong and stubborn for much longer. Choosing a hardy plant will allow the gift recipient to develop their green thumb, slowly, (if they don’t already have one). Often, what is missing in a home is the fresh, natural feel that only plants can provide. Consider:
  • Rattlesnake plant
  • African spear Plant
  • Costa Farms snake plant
  • Pothos jade
  • Bird’s-nest fern
  • Calathea medallion
  • Wind Chimes – Wind chimes are many gifts in one. They offer tranquility through their melodious sound. They are visually appealing, helping to create a soft, peaceful ambiance on a back deck, front porch, garden, or walkway. They are available in a variety of different styles, colors, and materials. Solar wind chimes glow softly at night, after drinking in the day’s sun. There are even wind chimes that peal out specific notes, from beloved, meaningful, and favorite songs.

It has been an exceedingly difficult year, with lots of sacrificing of the things we hold the dearest:  hugs, in-person smiles, laughs over lunch, seeing faces up close, and family gatherings. With the world opening up again, people are slowly starting to re-emerge and get back to their normal daily lives. Crossing the miles to visit one another, however, will not be easy for a long time. Why not send a piece of your heart in the form of a thoughtful gift that will be sure to brighten the day of someone very special to you?

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