8 Bulky Household Items You Can Dispose of with Junk Removal

Are you moving or planning a makeover of your home? Then you’re most certainly in need of junk removal to get rid of all the bulky items you don’t need any longer. They’re far too heavy to remove on your own. And it’s probably rather adventurous to bring them to a landfill yourself. You’ll need a large enough vehicle for transport and at least one other person that gives you a hand.

The good news is that pretty much every junk removal service can assist you in this matter as well. Jiffy Junk, for example, has focused on removing bulk household items since it was founded. But which bulky household items can you dispose of with junk removal? Wonder no further; we’ve got you covered.


If your four hobs broke down, you could try to find someone who might be able to repair it first. However, the older it is, the harder it will be to get replacements. And since it’s broken anyway, why not plan out an entirely new kitchen. Maybe the new one would be a different size regardless, which would call for a serious renovation project. The junk removal would also take care of your old dishwasher.


What are you going to do with an old refrigerator? The older models use a lot more power than the modern ones. Updating the fridge regularly is pretty much a must if you can afford it. No matter the size, the refrigerator is bulky and hard to transport. Ask the junk removal for a collection before your new one arrives.


If you wanted to, you could reuse the freezer on your property to build a root cellar. You’ll only have to remove the electronic bits and pieces as well as the compartment that holds the cooling liquid. You’d only have to dig a hole in your garden that’s large enough to keep it. But you’ll need some help with that task. If you can’t be bothered, the junk removal reliably picks it up and disposes of it for you responsibly.


Nothing takes up more space than a dryer that doesn’t do its job anymore. Dryers are especially heavy and bulky, making it hard to even take them out of your home yourself. A junk removal would be happy to pick it up from where it is. You’ll only need to give them a call.


remove your washing machine
the washer can’t clean your clothes anymore

If the washer can’t clean your clothes anymore, you’ll have to buy a new one. You could use the laundry drum and create a mini root cellar with it in your garden if you have one. However, you’ll have to remove it from the washing machine first and then dig a hole if you have a garden. That’d be the only second purpose at least a part of this bulky household item could serve. But without a garden, it’s a pointless endeavor, and you’ll still have to get rid of the sturdy box. Fortunately, a junk removal regularly collects old washers.


use an old toilet in their garden
use an old toilet in their garden

Some people may use an old toilet in their garden as a flower pot. But because you know what’s gone down in that item, you probably wouldn’t be too keen on this idea. As you get a new one to install, let the guys from the junk removal come around. They’ll pick it up and also make sure to leave your place in a spotless condition. That’s exactly what you want when having to replace a toilet. Moreover, junk removal also takes care of your bidet. 

Hot Tub

The hot tub has been a fantastic addition to your garden, but someone went a little overboard at the last party. Now it’s broken. If you just bought a property and didn’t like the hot tub style that was left, you may want to get rid of it, too. Hot tubs are rather hard to dispose of on your own. Also, this bulky household item is thankfully something the junk removal will pick up. You don’t even have to bother to put it at the curb. 

Exercise equipment

Exercise equipment junk removal
Exercise equipment junk removal

Do you have your gym in your home? Fantastic! Many people are a little jealous or are asking for ‘memberships.’ Even though exercise equipment usually does last, it is not made to last forever either. If you don’t need it anymore or if it starts to fall apart, it’s best to get some help from a junk removal. A team will come around with special equipment that can remove it safely and effectively.

Alternative options

Alternative options Bulky Household Items
Alternative options Bulky Household Items

More often than not, your bulky household items are still good to use for someone else. Just because you don’t need it any longer doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t need it. Those people would usually also come around with a friend to do the heavy lifting, and you make a few bucks on the side. You can still try to give it to a friend who might want it. Should that not work out for whatever reason, you still have the option to donate it. 

If your fridge broke down, you could offer it to a charity, for example. The Goodwill will come around and pick it up for repairs to make it available for someone in need. Many other charities take in bulky household items to repair them and later raise funds through their sale. Additionally, people often look for broken household items as they may not have much money themselves but are rather handy at repairs.

Others may just be happy to take it off your hands as a replacement to repair your broken item’s other models. For items that you just don’t use anymore, it’ll be well worth offering them at a garage sale or offering them in the classifieds.  

If all of your attempts fail, it’s the best option to schedule a junk removal and worry no longer. 

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