A Guide to Business Casual Dress Code for the Ladies

It’s a fine line between business and casual outfits when you are stuck in between the business casual dress code. Instead of taking a risk and slipping into the too relaxed attire, start taking notes on what goes under business casual if you’ve been having trouble separating the two big terms.

Not all of us are fashion experts who can tell the difference between dress codes easily, which is exactly why we’ve come up with a few simple pointers to help you nail your next big conference, job interview, or another day at work.

Sweaters and cardigans are always welcome

When it comes to a business casual dress code, you have virtually limitless options for blouses and shirts. We suggest you go for tops in whimsical prints such as leaf prints, stripes, windowpane, lace, polka dots, and florals. Prints are not always necessary, and if you’re leaning more toward the classic side, feel free to invest in cream, white, pale yellow, blush, baby blue, pink, and light grey tops.

A cardigan can easily be that one item that you need to put the entire outfit together, so don’t be afraid to invest in staple pieces. Go bold with colors and think about investing in fuchsia, emerald green, or cobalt blue cardigans.

Sweaters and cardigans

Stick to pants and pencil skirts instead of jeans

After solving the dilemma about what tops to wear, it’s time you inspected your wardrobe and saw how many business casual pants you own. If you mainly have jeans, you should immediately go shopping and look for cotton, wool, linen, or gabardine pants. Aside from black and navy blue, you can also go for a muted color like burgundy or forest green.

Whether you go for cuffed or uncuffed hems, mid- or high-rise, it’ll work flawlessly either way. When it comes to skirts, the safest choices are a pleated skirt, A-line, or pencil skirt.

Stick to pants and pencil skirts instead of jeans

Don’t forget to accessorize

Picking out the right accessory is like putting a cherry on top of the cake. That’s why you should carefully choose your jewelry, watches, scarves, and belts when you have the rest of the outfit on you. Every woman needs a modern timepiece, so if you decide to wear some of the many stylish marble watches with your favorite shirt and a pair of pants, you’ll add a certain dose of sophistication and chic to your ensemble.

A silk scarf around your neck will also complete your outfit with a dose of elegance. Elevate your style with a trendy belt or a pair of earrings to look both professional and in vogue.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Pick the right dress

Instead of having to think about which blouse to pair with which pants, opt for a black or burgundy dress and a pair of shoes alongside a blazer, and you’re all set. What you should keep in mind when it comes to both skirts and dresses is the length. Look for skirts and dresses that end right above the knee or go for a mid-thigh length if you’re tall.

This will allow you to sit down and stand up without having to think if anything is showing. A dress neckline (just like the blouse) shouldn’t reveal too much, so a round, V-neck and scoop will all work.

Pick the right dress

Shoes say a lot about your style

From flats to wedges, heels, and boots, the choice of shoes is rather vast when it comes to business casual dress code. A loafer or driving moccasin will go great with pants, whereas pumps, slingbacks, peep-toe, or wedged heels are all fabulous choices to go with skirts or dresses. A block heel is a much better choice for everyone who tends to walk around the office all day long.

Shoes say a lot about your style

Business casual can now be achieved quickly and easily. All you need to remember is what pieces to wear and not to stray away from an appropriate length, cut, and color. Stick to appropriate heel height to keep your feet rested, accessorize well and you’ll be the next corporate fashionista.

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