Buy or Repair?: 4 Factors on How Long Do Appliances Last

Up to 10 years! Admit it, you know it too. As far as home appliances are concerned, the typical lifespan you want them to last is about a decade and more. Your grandparents will attest to this. Right? You have seen them, old washing machines, even old-school heaters, an oven, and an antique radio still playing. They work still!

The real question now is how can you make them last that long. Let us jump into business! This article is for you. Are you also avoiding a costly appliance repair in San Diego? Here are factors to consider how you can make an appliance last long.


#1- What Type of Appliance

You can make an appliance extend its lifespan with proper care. Whether it’s a manual oven, HVAC system, proper maintenance is the key. But first, you must thoroughly understand the ins and outs of your equipment or tool.

Here are the essential home appliances owners commonly have. Also, the average lifespan is included:

Appliance Years Appearance of Early Signs of Damage Among Brands (first 3-5 years for warranty)
Washing Machine 10-12 years 10-50 %
Refrigerator and freezer 10-15 years 25-40 %
Dishwasher 10-13 years 20-50%
Electric or Gas Stove 12-16 years 15-30 %
Electric Dryer 10-15 years 10-30%
Gas Dryer 12-15 years 10-30 %

#2- Caring and Storing

Maintenance of each appliance is crucial. You have to also know each part that needs proper attention like dryers and washing machines. These appliances have heat-generating and ventilation parts. To properly handle them, you must do a regular dryer vent cleaning or washing machine ventilation maintenance.

Electric devices need to be unplugged first before maintenance is done. For power generating, equipment thor storage areas also contribute to their condition. Of course, you want to keep them where they will not get moist or exposure to heat and rains.


#3- Securing Warranty

Now, pay closer attention. Any experiences when you bought a device, and in just a few months, damage or issues started to surface? You panic, and you miss an important part of your equipment. It has a warranty. Know more about a homeowners’ warranty with this helpful article by Forbes.com.

A trusted brand of appliance offers a warranty. If early signs of crashing and repair appear, they offer a warranty that can cover free check-up and repair.

Most of the time, customers felt disappointed with their appliance because of early damage, but only they just have to bring it to their local service and appliance provider for a check and expert guidance.


#4- Tips & Guidelines

Two useful tips for you to make sure your appliance last long:

Tip 1- Keep the owner’s guide or instruction manual. Aside from saving time calling the experts, these manuals usually provided everything you need to know. You do not have to worry about getting and looking for nearby experts. You just need to use your eyes, read the instructions.

Tip 2- In case you lost the manual, which often happens, then contact your service provider. Also, an important guideline, make sure to look for brands that provided your equipment. Visit their certified service centers. They have the right experts who are proficient in each type and brand of appliance.

Keep this in mind: maintenance and storage play a significant role in making appliances last. Knowing the critical parts of your equipment is essential for owners too. Don’t just use, damage, then repair. Contrary to the fast-changing technology today, you can limit changing your basic home devices and keep them using your next heirs. 



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