Buying a Diamond Earring? 5 Secrets to Swear by!

Diamonds have been quite aptly immortalized by Marilyn Monroe in her much-loved song, “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”. They are versatile companions to every outfit and other jewelry. Team them up with a gold chain design and you will have a staple accessory for every outfit, be it an evening gown, a corporate suit, or designer attire. Diamond earrings are also durable enough not to lose luster or get damaged like gold, silver, or any other metal earring.

Tips for purchasing diamond earrings

  • Opt for larger carats: It is advisable to remember that carat weights are different for rings and earrings. While purchasing diamond earrings, the pro tip is to get a minimalist design and a larger carat of the diamond to ensure maximum visibility.
  • Check out the clarity: The higher the clarity grading of the diamond, the higher the chance for the presence of impurities. IF indicates the flawlessness of the diamonds. SI-rated diamonds have slight impurities.
  • Pay attention to the color quality: While white is the preferred color for diamonds due to visibility and clarity, many customers opt for other colors such as yellow, brown, black, and pink. The color scale for diamonds ranges from D (colorless) to Z (brown). H-J (nearly colorless to faint yellow) is the ideal range for diamond earring color. Exquisite colors such as pink and black are hugely expensive and are usually reserved for rings and chains.
  • Choose a diamond cut that matches your facial structure: An important factor when it comes to buying diamond stud earrings is the cut quality is an indication of the craftsmanship. The more skilfully cut the diamond is, the more it sparkles and shines. If the earrings have poorly cut diamonds, they will be easily discernible from a distance. The best part about buying diamond earrings is that they are highly customizable. While Asscher, princess cut, and round diamond cuts are the most popular, the secret is to choose a diamond earring design that will complement your face. If you have a wide face, it is better to opt for rectangular diamonds. Purchase round earrings for short facial structures.
  • Choose the right setting for the diamond: Settings are essential for holding the diamonds in place. Select a metal that is durable and striking against your skin tone. Gold and its variations such as white gold will stand out on dark complexions. Platinum suits lighter complexions better. While smaller settings make the diamond prominent, larger settings provide extra security. Three types of settings are usually popular: pushback, screw back and clip and lever back setting.

These trade secrets are the ones you can safely abide by whenever you shop for diamond earrings. Diamonds are a good investment and are the timeless classics in your jewelry box. Women of every age can carry diamond earrings.  Gift a pair to your mother on her birthday or pass them on to your daughter as a family heirloom, diamond earrings will never fail to be appreciated.

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