Is Buying Essays Online Legal and Safe?

Students within the world of Academia face an ever-increasing workload, higher standards in education, and limited time to complete all the work. Some students even have side jobs or families to take care of, meaning there is less time to dedicate to writing lengthy essays for your assignments.

It is why many students turn to online writing services to cover these elements within their curriculum. The problem many students face however is whether or not it’s safe or legal?

Is Buying Essays Online Legal and Safe?
Is Buying Essays Online Legal and Safe?

After all, you are purchasing completed work to turn in as your own. Isn’t that considered plagiarism?

Why buying essays online isn’t plagiarism?

The first point we must cover is that essay writing services are completely legal and there are no limitations from any government on the existence of these services. It means from a legal stance; there is entirely nothing wrong with it.

Onto the point of plagiarism. Buying an essay online means you buy the “rights” to the article. You own the intellectual property. Even if someone wrote it on your behalf, you’re still the sole owner of the paper. You merely exchanged currency for work, and thus it makes it 100% yours. Therefore, it cannot be plagiarism because you’re not copying anyone else’s work.

But how safe is it?

The safety concern is another point we must address. Students typically don’t have expendable cash on hand. It means that they don’t have a $100 to just drop onto an essay only to receive substandard quality.

Safety comes down to your diligence. If you are going to invest in an untrustworthy source, you’re not going to get value for your money. You have to conduct some research before investing in any company.

What this entails is:

  • Reading consumer reports on the company
  • Reading their sample essays
  • Seeing if they have all contact information on the page (phone number, email, live chat)
  • Reading negative reviews (specifically look for any negative reviews on the company)
  • Speaking with your writer
  • Reviewing their refund policies
  • Understanding the exact terms and conditions of the service  delivery

You have to make sure that you’re spending your money wisely. There are plenty of fantastic online essay writing services, however, if you’re only going to go with the first one you find, it might not be as safe as you think.

Thus, conduct your research before committing to any one of the services offered.

Will my teachers find out I used a writing service?

It is another point of research that is required. You have to make sure that the company that is offering their essay writing services online includes confidentiality. This way, the moment you receive the essay, it’s 100% yours, and no one will ever claim to have written it.

In the vast majority of the cases, teachers will never know that you didn’t write your essay. However, you will also have to make sure that you use similar language within the produced piece than what you usually hand into your teacher.

Your teachers become familiar with your jargon, and if the writer you hired uses a different lexicon, then it’s essential for you to tweak the document before handing it in. Just read it over, and re-write sentences the way you would write it. If you only had it in without reviewing this aspect, your teacher might suspect that you didn’t write it. However, they will have no way to prove you didn’t.

How can I make sure?

One of the best ways to guarantee that you won’t be screwed over with an online writing service is to get in touch with them. Speak to one of the representatives and prepare questions beforehand. It will allow you to get a feel for the professionalism the service has to offer and it will also serve to clarify any doubts you may have.

We strongly advise you to reach out and talk to the representatives before dropping any money into any service – whether for essay writing or anything else.

You have to go through the vetting process yourself to ensure that you will be getting the quality you are paying for it.

Where do I find a legitimate online essay service?

If you search for online writing services, you’re going to come across a lot. There are thousands of businesses in different niches offering these kinds of services. Nonetheless, Google is your best friend.

We suggest making a shortlist of at least five different services and then vetting each one individually. Sure, it will take time, however, once you found a service that works, you will have a reliable essay provider and buy an essay on hand without having to go through the vetting process again.

In conclusion, essay writing online is as safe as it can base on the diligence you have invested in studying the services and is 100% legal.


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