Benefits of Buying Gold from Online Bullion Dealers and How a Price Index Helps

Are you looking to buy gold in the international market right now? Experts and trade analysts are in favor of it. In 2021, gold prices increased sharply because of the financial crisis brought on by the pandemic.

In 2022, the prices will increase significantly if the financial crisis continues unabated, coupled with continued inflation and geopolitical risks. On 8th March 2022, the cost of the yellow metal increased from 1,800 USD in January to 2,043 USD in March. Experts predict its price to rise in the coming months of this year.

Investing in this metal has a lot of benefits, including price stability, protection against inflation, diversification of portfolio, and excellent returns (in most cases).

You can either buy gold from dealers, individuals, or online.

However, making a purchase online is entirely safe, provided you buy from a reliable bullion dealer. Interestingly, online dealers have several benefits, including cost advantages, better customer services, the absence of third parties, maximum security, and an insured courier delivery service.

Why should you buy from online dealers?

As mentioned earlier, buying metals online from dealers has plenty of benefits, and here are some of them.

Costs advantages

In the retail investment market, the cost of gold products, whether bars or coins, depends on factors like the dealer’s business model, funding and availability, vaulting storage costs, banking and regulatory requirement costs, employee expenditure, and overall cost expenditure for business operations.

In contrast, the best online bullion traders get their supply from multiple contracted sources as cheaply as possible. They also ensure that their business model is primarily driven by IT, decreasing their reliance on the workforce and increasing productivity and cost savings recognition.

No third-party involvement

Online traders cut out the presence of third parties during the manufacturing and distribution process, having distributor contracts with the refiners directly. The process ensures the highest quality of the product and reduces the margin between the source refiner and customer pricing.

Safest storage option

Online traders store your products in a secure vault with state-of-the-art facilities, maximum security, and often low costs. Allocated holdings are usually held in segregated, allocated storage facilities.

Customers with allocated accounts receive invoices and quarterly statements and have the option to withdraw their online storage for collection at the facilities with a 24-hour notice. In addition, precious metals (including gold) are covered by insurance.

Price Index

You can also use a price index while buying gold online, as you can click here to check. The chart tells you the different products available for purchase, information about their current prices in the international market, price per gram and ounce, buyback price, ounce, and whether they fall under taxation.

Instead of browsing the internet for the latest prices and other crucial information, you get everything you require in a single place.

Store Credit

You can also pre-credit balances into your account, which you can view using your login details. A credit balance enables you to complete your purchase and guarantee the product’s delivery, particularly if you want to pre-empt a gold purchase at a suitable price.

Insured delivery

Online traders deliver your gold bars and coins through insured courier delivery services. Traders dealing in bullion online also offer customers the option to collect their product directly from their showroom at specified times.

Purchasing gold is a sound financial strategy, but you should consider doing so through an online bullion dealer because of the various advantages involved, including costs, security, and price index chart.

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