Buying the perfect Custom Basketball Uniforms

Imagine you’ve got the most amazing in your team. Your lineup consists of great players who on their day, can single-handedly win your matches and play consistently throughout the season. Players who can grow up to be the next Big A (Kareem Abdul Jabbar), the next King (Lebron James) The Golden Boy (Stephen Curry), or maybe The G.O.A.T., the great Michael Jordan. Now imagine that you as a coach are also at your ‘A’ game and are always on top of everything.

You’ve managed to set everything up, you’ve got the perfect tactics, and you’ve planned the right workouts and all conditioning drills for the team. I mean you are simply untouchable and can’t seem to put a step wrong and you are simply on the right path to success. With all that being said and done, there is only one thing you’re missing out on.

That one thing is your thoughts and planning towards the custom team basketball uniforms for your team. Your team simply has to look the part or all that training and squad strength simply goes to waste.

What is the point of doing so well when you don’t even look good doing it? Not only that but these uniforms also aid and elevate your team’s morale and performance as well. Putting thought and planning towards your custom basketball team uniform is very important.

The right basketball jersey and basketball shorts allow your players the ease and comfort they require on the court while keeping them looking professional, no matter what league they play in. When your players look and play good they’ll feel good and have their morale through the roof and will have that winning mentality throughout.

In this article, we’ll tell you how you should go about purchasing the perfect custom team basketball uniforms for your team.

Always make a budget and stick to it

Custom basketball uniforms on their own are generally quite inexpensive, but the more details you go for the more expensive they’ll get. Before even going out to choose a basketball team uniform you should think and plan out a budget.

Take everything under consideration (annual fixed costs, other budgets, backup money) and calculate the amount you are willing to spend. Once you’ve found a figure, stick to it and plan everything around it. The planning should include different qualities of a basketball jersey and basketball shorts, the design, the prints, the embroidery, the decal work, etc.

Choose the material wisely

The material is one of the most important things in a uniform. Of course, the look is important but what’s the use of all that sauce and swag if your players don’t feel comfortable in it? What’s the use of the looks when your players can’t even perform properly on the court because of the bad material?

You should always pay attention to the material and always go for the ones that aid the performance of your players. If you find yourself stuck at a crossroads because of financial constraints and you have to choose between the looks or the comfort (material of the fabric) of your players, you should always go for the material that delivers comfort to the players on the court.

Looks are important, but remember that your team is going to go out there to play basketball. They won’t be going for a walk on the ramp. They’ll win if they play well, and they’ll play well if they have comfortable uniforms that aid their performance.

Go for synthetic materials that are stretchable, breathable, and have moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties. All these features will come in handy on the court and may just help your team to win. So remember to always choose the material of your basketball team uniforms wisely.

Make sure to choose your styles carefully

There are a gazillion materials, designs, colors, and styles available out there in the market. Choose the combination that best suits your budget and your team.

For example, you should go for cheaper materials with looser fits when you purchase the uniforms for a kid’s team because changing and maintaining uniforms for them is difficult whereas if you are coaching let’s say a high school or college team, you can invest more towards the quality as players of that age group can take care of their basketball team uniforms easily.

Another important part is to choose the right colors and designs. If your team represents a school or an institution, there must be a color combination that you’ve got to have. Skip that color combination and the school’s governing body won’t even approve of those kits. So make sure you’ve got all that planned out and approved beforehand.

Take a look and emulate the designs used by the NBA teams

If you’re baffled and have no idea about what style or design to select, then simply look at what the NBA teams have made for their season.

The teams playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA) hire only the best of the best designers, spend thousands of dollars, and put in a lot of thought to produce the perfect outfit every season. Why not get some inspiration and ideas from them? That too for free. Look at the designs of their basketball jersey and basketball shorts. Look at their thought process.

Look at how they put in patterns and connect the colors and designs to their logo. Take inspiration from what they create and try to emulate that for your custom basketball team uniforms. This way you can create a nice clean uniform for your team that will make them look crisp and professional every time they take the court.

Need any help in getting the perfect uniform?

It sometimes gets difficult to create the perfect basketball team uniforms for your bunch. That’s where we come in. With a little extra help from our side, we guarantee that you’ll have the perfect basketball team uniform for your squad.

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