Pros and Cons of Buying Waterfront Homes in Naples, FL

Oceanfront homes remain the dream property for most people, and as you may know, Naples (and Florida at large) is the ideal location for that. After all, the coastline county is home to over 30 stunning aqua blue oceans and brilliant white sand beaches.

It takes nothing to throw caution to the wind when you see a magnificent beachfront home for sale. You want to settle the paperwork, hire movers, and get going immediately. And, really, who can blame you?

However —sorry to burst your bubble— owning waterfront homes in Naples, FL, has its disadvantages. Surprising, isn’t it? Whether these cons outweigh the pros (or vice versa) is up to you.

What we’ve done to help you is compile a list of the merits and demerits to know before investing in the Naples, Florida waterfront real estate market. Should you buy a tidal home? Keep reading.

3 Exclusive Pros of Buying an Oceanfront Home in Naples, FL

The soothing breeze in your hair, the sedating sandy beaches, the sparkling blue sea. 

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to such scenery? 

1- Waterside Living May be Helpful to Your Health

Water bodies have remained a popular point of attraction since man existed. In the earliest days, survival was tied to water proximity, but not anymore. We can readily find water these days, yet oceans and seas remain major tourist centers.

Why do we still gravitate (consciously and unconsciously) towards water?

The reason why isn’t far-fetched: water may be beneficial to health. This possibility would explain why humans have evolved to seek water so much.

Life by the water is therapeutic. Spending time near oceans, lakes, and rivers significantly reduces stress and anxiety levels. Plus, the static atmospheric noise of the water sparks creativity and facilitates sound sleep. 

Let’s mention that seawater and air, when consumed moderately, have sound effects on the skin and lungs.

2- A Beachfront Home Is a Lifetime Ticket to Vacationland

Nearly everyone associates beaches with holidays and fun. Therefore, a waterfront property may feel like your Garden of Eden without the forbidden fruit on a semi-philosophical note. It’s a never-ending vacation!

You may look out the window at any time to appreciate the mesmerizing waves as they caress the shore. Few things, if any, are more relaxing. When ill or down, you may bask in the glow of the incredible Naples sunset, appreciate the white sand underneath your feet, dip in the ocean, or sunbathe for a few minutes — such fantasia!

A Beachfront Home Is a Lifetime Ticket to Vacationland

But do you know what’s better? You don’t have to wait until your boss grudgingly affords you a break to experience this surrealism. It’s a holiday that lasts a lifetime.

3- A Seashore Property Is a Good Financial Investment 

Whichever way you look at it, a beachfront home is an excellent investment. Typically, these properties may cost more, but they offer more in return too. And, no, we don’t mean this merit in the metaphysical regard of them being a happiness-oriented investment (even if that’s true too).

Waterfront properties are worth a fortune in the Naples, Florida, real estate market. They are a precious financial investment. Tourists are desperate for these structures, so you can lease out your oceanfront home for a short while if you aren’t on the property all year long. 

Do you know what’s better? Suppose you want to sell at any time. Waterfront homes in Naples, FL, are more valuable than similarly styled and structured homes that aren’t on the beach.

3 Peculiar Cons of Owning a Seashore Home in Naples, FL

The above appears incredible, but it’s all true. However, before you start checking for Naples waterfront real estate listings, let’s see the unique downsides of these properties.

1- Sand Gets Everywhere!!!

Undoubtedly, white, sandy beaches look glorious in all those magazines that focus on brilliant detail. But wait until you’re living on one to know if they are a slice of paradise as you think. You may end up loathing sand with your heart and soul.

Would you know why?

Sand doesn’t recognize boundaries, so it doesn’t remain on the beach for long. It encroaches on your home, gets on your floors, sleeps in your bed, plays with the electronics, hides in your bags, naps in your clothes, and even punches your eyes! There’s no escape from such a malleable foe.

Realistically, you’ll never get rid of this problem as long as you live on the oceanfront. You’ll have to cope with it. For E-T-E-R-N-I-T-Y. 

2- The Property May Turn Into Budget Nightmare

The expenses that accompany owning a property on the beach may lead to regrets in the long run. Buying your waterfront home is only the first step, you see. Even the most affordable listings can quickly become a budget nightmare.

For a start, insurance premiums are more expensive for these properties, courtesy of the higher risk of floods and hurricanes. And that’s rarely the only drainage draining your budget. You’ll have to repair your fence and the entire house from time to time.

Seawater, you see, can be quickly damaging to wood. 

Fortunately, Naples is less prone to natural phenomena, so the probability of scourging winds and downpours is at minimal risk.

3- The Peace You So Crave May Remain Elusive

It would be best if you stopped dreaming of quiet, peaceful evenings the instant you move to your beachfront home. Why?

Well, we’re not suggesting that the human soul is perpetually restless (although that may be true). Instead, our concern is that your extended family (the ones that don’t live on the beach) will surely visit as soon as possible. 

In addition, the beachfront has the tourist’s cuss. Life on the beach subjects you to an unending stream of tourists in the summertime.

Wrap Up

Buying waterfront homes in Naples, FL, is a milestone achievement for most Americans. Thanks to the remarkable benefits attached. 

However, as we’ve discussed above, ensure you know the pitfalls too before starting your search. Don’t key “Naples Gulf front homes for sale” on Google until you’re familiar with the full implications of your action.

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