Camp like A Pro: Essential Campervan Tips for Beginners

When is the last time you remember to have a breath of fresh air? Spending a monotonous life surrounded by buildings, traffic, noise, and chaos can be exhausting. This is your time to take the reign of your life back into your grip. This is your moment to have freedom, a city break, and a campervan experience to cherish!

Getting your first campervan might be exciting. The idea of jumping into a new van, and driving to a far-off area sounds like a dream but the reality somehow requires more work and knowledge before you could camp like a pro. In this article, I will be discussing things to do and not to do while you enjoy your campervan trip.

What is a Campervan? 

In case you are new to this whole idea, let me tell you a camper van, also known as RV is a type of recreational vehicle, which provides both transportation and living accommodation. 

If you are a beginner looking for firsthand information about life in a campervan, you have come to the right place! Our guide can help you get ready for your debut trip.

Six Essential Campervan Tips For Beginners

Whether you are just planning to buy a new motorhome or looking for basics, the following tips will help you make your first trip a lot less stressful. Let’s have a look!

What you think you require isn’t necessarily what you need! Now that you are planning to travel in a campervan, it’s important to understand that it’s still a transportation and not a living facility. Thus, take only the things you’ll be needing on the trip. 

Depending upon your main checkpoint, the list of items may vary. However, it’s normal to perceive everything as essential, especially when you are a beginner. A quick way to overcome the decisions is to make a list of all the plans you have and cross-check it with all the items that you might need.

Furthermore, an overall guide about some of the things you might need is as follows:

  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Gadgets
  • Food

Try The New Mode of Living Before You Leave Home

As a beginner, there must be several devices and utilities of the motor house new to you! Thus, before you dwell on leaving instantly, take sufficient time and practice by using motorhomes. No matter how experienced one might become, there are very easy chances to miss information and get caught in trouble. 

Therefore, testing a motor home is a good choice as you can identify things that may become an issue when you are out on the go. You can check all the utilities set up in the vehicle as per nighttime and figure out how the blinds unfold, thus having a vivid idea of how devices work.

Keep A Focus On Fuel Level

Carelessness becomes a part of the journey especially when you are out with friends on a long campervan ride. It’s easy to overlook the fuel level when you are busy making memories with friends, however, it is important to remember that you won’t find gas stations at the campsite. 

Therefore, proper planning and estimated fuel consumption can help save you from any trouble. With an organized mindset, the trip can be even more rejuvenating when you know exactly when and where to stop. 

While in the motor house, the second major reserve is a 12v battery supply. Being negligent in control of its usage can result in loss of energy. If the battery goes flat, none of your electronics will work.

Get Your Hands on Navigator

How many times, a GPS navigator has minimized our trouble? Using a GPS navigator saves a lot of time and hassle. But while on the campervan, make sure to pre-load the system with countries/ areas you wish to visit, thus avoiding misguidance. 

It’s mainly because, with time, certain roads get barred while many new alternatives open up. Using a GPS navigator can help you avoid ways that are no longer in use. 

Moreover, in most recent campervans, the modern navigation system can help avoid directing your van under bridges that do not coincide with the physical dimensions of the vehicle. 

A modern system of navigation can also help in avoiding roads with toll taxes thus saving you a lot of money which is a hit for all beginners. 

Embrace Minimalistic Lifestyle

Traveling in a campervan is very different than traveling via air or any other mode of transportation. In this case, you would experience a home away from home life. Thus, it’s crucial to adapt to the minimalistic approach. 

Get rid of the societal idea of not re-wearing any clothes while you travel. Even though aesthetics and appearance would concern you yet, there’s an option to style the same outfits differently. This can help you save both storage and money. 

Before you set out on your journey, carry along several utilities, such as flashlights, etc. These can significantly help you move around without electric lights, thus energy conservation can get you a lot farther. Therefore, embrace the minimalistic lifestyle by double-checking every item you might want to use.

Never Forget Camper Essentials

Whether you are using a campervan on rent or the one you own, make sure that it has certain tools and equipment in it. Even though it may sound extra, the precautious attitude can save you from getting into trouble. The list of essential tools is as follows:

  • Leveler Ramps (In case you have to stop at a slanting surface, they can help you level the campervan on a non-flat surface)
  • Rubber Gloves (They are crucial when you might need to empty the drain and waste from Campervan)
  • Drinking water hose (In case you find freshwater nearby, this pipe can help you connect the campervan to the water.)
  • Tonneau cover (Suppose you are renting your RV, use of the most secure tonneau cover can protect the leather seating and would assist in durability)
  • Plan your route and stops:

Well, no one is born knowing how to manage a campervan. Since the living accommodation in motor houses is backed by limited supplies, therefore initial planning is important. 

A vivid understanding of the route can help in determining if an RV is suitable for the location. Moreover, prior planning of routes and the number of stops can better help you in managing water, waste, and electricity. 

It might not sound like a big deal, but prevention of trouble is always a smart choice to make! 

Stock Up Food And Company

Last but not least, do not forget to stock up on your favorite snacks. If your campervan is equipped with a mini-refrigerator, you can then incorporate anything to your liking. 

Above all, good company is what can make you forget about all the bad encounters. Therefore, make sure to inform your squad so they can know what they are headed up to!

Final words!

A campervan surely sounds like the coolest idea for a trip thus, but the chances of getting into trouble are never-ending. Now that you have substantial information about pro tips, it’s time to take back your life, practice them before you plan to leave for your next campervan ride!

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