Camping This Summer? Don’t Forget These Essentials

As we’re in the middle of a very rainy summer right now in the UK, you may be about to venture out on your summer holidays. If you’re a camping enthusiast, you may have planned a camping trip this summer that you’re looking forward to. Whether you’re camping somewhere in the UK, or you’re venturing out abroad, there are some things you don’t want to leave behind!

Electronics, for example, are an integral part of our everyday lives. They make life a little bit easier, so it’s important to not forget them this summer on your camping trip. Electronic and battery distributor BuyaBattery, has helped create this handy guide to what you need to bring with you on a camping trip. From electronics to sleeping bags, here are the few things you really don’t want to leave at home this summer. 

LED torch

One of the most underrated campaign essentials is an LED torch. Despite the days lasting much longer in the summer, it still gets very dark at night, especially if you’re camping in a more remote area. If you need to find something after daylight hours or need guidance outside your tent, a torch is a very useful gadget to have!

Investing in a high quality LED torch is worth it too, as you’ll be able to see clearly in the dark, and find what you’re looking for. 

Power bank 

Another electronic essential to not leave at home is your power bank. These devices are a lifesaver when it comes to camping. As you obviously do not have access to a plug socket in a tent, your power bank can charge up your phone and other electricals easily and quickly.

It’s important to keep your electricals charged up for when you need them. The most convenient way to do this is through your power bank. Alternatively, you could take spare batteries for your battery powered devices. 

Portable gas stove  

Depending on how you’re planning on cooking on your camping trip, a portable gas stove could come in handy. Having a gas stove is a convenient way to eat breakfast first thing in the morning, or cook a late night snack if you get hungry. Either way, a gas stove is a great thing to have in your camping gear, as you may need it!

Tent lights 

As well as bringing a torch, it may also be a good idea to bring along some tent lights. LED battery powered tent lights are the perfect way to provide your campsite with some lighting. If you’re planning to camp with children, it can be a good way to light the campsite, which could reduce the risk of them getting lost! 

Having a light source is very important for safety reasons, but is also very convenient as well. If you’re cooking after daylight hours, it’s important that you can see what you’re doing. If you plan on doing any reading or other activities on your campsite, you will need to set up tent lights. 

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