Can Bitcoin Bring Significant Change To The Health Industry?

Cryptocurrency is currently a hot topic in town. For the last few years, it has gained massive momentum, and with each passing day, more people are getting to know more about it. Blockchain technology has enabled people in several ways. The best thing about Bitcoin is that you can deal with them from anywhere and at any time. The only thing you need is a stable internet connection and basic knowledge of how it functions.

The impact of Bitcoin in various sectors has been noticeable. With the security and ease that Bitcoin provides its owners and dealers, it is visible how it has the potential to impact larger sectors such as the health industry.

You might be wondering how bitcoin can bring change in healthcare. Will it make way for easier and hassle-free payment? The answer is yes. Bitcoin will lead to smooth payments because is the easiest thing and that will in turn help in crucial times.

But this is not the only thing that Bitcoin is capable of. The main element we are concerned about here is the amazing Blockchain technology that cryptocurrency uses. It is this technology that can have major contributions to the healthcare industry.

The major challenge that the modern-day healthcare industry faces is related to data and it has resulted in a myriad of problems. Data keeping, data security, and availing of data at the right time and the right place are extremely important. In many cases, a delay or a mishap can cost a patient’s life.

However, that is not the only setback that the healthcare industry is facing. Such chaotic circumstances regarding data can be detrimental to health institutions, doctors, patients, insurance companies, and family members. The problem regarding the management and maintenance of data increases every day with the increasing population and inadequate employees. 

Blockchain technology can help in this case. The information in a blockchain is encrypted but at the same time easily available to people. This technology is revolutionary in a way that it allows one to store information and access it easily. This is the feature that can be of utmost importance in the health sector that deals with a massive data-related crisis.

Let us look at some of how blockchain technology can help people in the healthcare industry:

  1. Maintaining patient records – Blockchain technology can effectively maintain patient records which can be made easily available. Many experts are also of the opinion that a global database can be created with all related health information of people around the world. This will make things extremely easy for doctors and healthcare professionals. The dearth of patient history can often lead to an incorrect diagnosis which can be successfully avoided by using blockchain technology.
  2. Maintenance of supply chains – The problem of the supply chain in the medical industry is continuous. Blockchain technology can be utilized by pharmaceutical companies as well as hospitals and medical facilities to keep track of the drugs and monitor their travels to ensure supply isn’t hampered. It can also be used to keep a record of the features of the products, and important information regarding them, and maintain data regarding the demand in the market. This in turn can ensure there is no shortage of a particular drug when there is a need.
  3. Possible improvement in Genomics research and development – Bitcoin and blockchain technology have the potential to impact the Genomics industry. With each passing day, this sector of the medical industry is growing. It is expected that in the future, lower expenditure will help us to understand DNA better which can lead to breakthrough developments in understanding diseases. Bitcoin can provide a space to store data and also lead to people sharing their genetics related information for the benefit of research.


Blockchain technology is quite revolutionary. If used properly, it has the potential to change the way the healthcare industry works now.

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