Can Girls Graphic Tees Transform A Myriad Of Styles

Regardless of the time of year, a graphic tee is a classic part of any outfit. While the staple is considered casual on its own, it can be dressed up or dressed down considerably depending on what it’s paired with. Whether little girls or young women (or young-at-heart), these have a huge fan base.

Stylists from The Mint Julep Boutique – graphic tees selections will likely suggest a blazer over the outfit for a trendy take. Another option is a high-waisted skirt with the shirt tucked in for a dressier look. The priority with one of these shirts is that it’s comfortable, and the person wearing it feels confident in it.

It needs to be fun, versatile, and make you feel good. It’s easy to mix and match with a favorite piece in varied styles when you love it on its own. And as a mom, you can help your little girl or teen learn to do the same with t-shirts that have become well-loved and worn in their closets.

You can have an excellent time experimenting with different looks. Fashion is hugely subjective. While kids and teens might have one idea of what looks good, you might have a different approach. 

It doesn’t mean either of you are wrong, just unique. Let’s look at how to create your own styles with a graphic tee.

How To Mix And Match A Graphic Tee With Other Pieces To Create An Edgy Style

Females of all ages love graphic tees. There’s no age limit when it comes to this classic piece. The young and young-at-heart have found their own niche in dressing the tee to suit their taste and style, whether casual, trendy, dressy, or more on the edgy side.

Fortunately, moms have some help from their favorite boutique stylists guiding them with suggestions on keeping their little girls on the forefront of fashion with their graphic tee selections and how to dress these. Hence, they stand out as the staple and don’t get lost in the outfit.

The main point of wearing a graphic tee is that people recognize a piece of who you are through your choice of shirt. For a little girl, that could be a unicorn, a rainbow, or wishing everyone a happy day. She wants people to notice the shirt, so they talk to her to see her personality. Find out why these shirts are so popular at .

Consider these suggestions for dressing a graphic tee for young women, teens, little girls, and that young-at-heart to highlight the shirt and who they are.

· Combine a worn, soft graphic tee with a flowy, delicate skirt and a sun hat with sandals or flip flops for a warm weather treat

A sweet contrast but complementary is a worn soft graphic tee combined with a delicate flowy skirt in the spring or summer months, regardless of your age. ‘

You could be a little girl heading off to a day at school in the spring, a young woman on her way to the library to study for a college exam, or a young-at-heart lady looking for some fresh produce at the farmer’s market.

The child can pair these with sandals while the young woman can wear wedges and the woman can wear flip flops on her excursion. In all three scenarios, everyone is comfortable, confident, and sleek in an outfit presented to the public as trendy and appropriate for the season.

It also shows creativity in dressing up a graphic tee, making it more than a mere T-shirt but the distinct component of a subtle outfit, helping you to stand out in a crowd. Nice work.

· A chunky sweater with trousers is the backdrop for a graphic tee suited up for a cool evening

If the staple piece that makes you feel confident and comfortable is a graphic tee, this is what you want to wear if you’re in a stressful or anxious situation, like, perhaps, a first date. 

On a cool evening out, a teenager opening the door to their crush will feel a little more at ease with a pair of baggy trousers, a lovely chunky cardigan, and their favorite graphic tee as the spotlight. A positive is the graphic or sentiment could be a conversation starter if the boy is curious about the girl’s choice.

A soft graphic tee is a perfect addition to an outfit for a cool evening, a first date, and helping a young girl feel more self-assured in an anxious situation. Read more about styling the graphic tee here.

· Business casual can have a whole new meaning

No one needs to know what you have under that suit coat. If you have a job interview, usually you must make an incredible first impression. That means dressing, generally, in business casual attire unless otherwise stipulated. 

That will usually entail a suit with either slacks or a skirt. What you wear under the jacket is irrelevant if it remains buttoned. Can you get away with a graphic tee? Absolutely. Many people have worn their favorite t-shirts under suits and formal outfits, with no one being the wiser.

It gives the wearer confidence and comfort, allowing a remarkable interview with no repercussions for a simple undershirt. 

Not only can blazers go over graphics in this scenario, but little girls can wear denim or another sort of jacket for a unique look with their shirt, plus teens or college girls can add a blazer for a trendier take.

Final Thought

A graphic tee is a versatile addition to any female’s wardrobe. If you or your daughters don’t have these, it’s wise to shop at your favorite boutique to get a few. Then you need to wash the shirts and get them worn in for optimum wear, comfortability, and softness.

When shopping, choose shirts you’re drawn to and speak to you personally. When you wear these, it’s the image you’ll present to those around you. They’ll derive your personality, who you are, from what you wear. If you’re not feeling a moose with boxers, don’t buy that.

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