Can I Correct My Uneven Breasts via Breast Asymmetry Correction Treatment?

Breast asymmetry correction surgery can improve balance and proportion between the breasts and involves changing the size, shape, or position of one or both breasts. Imperfection is the most unapologetically beautiful asset of a woman, there are certain things in a woman’s attire that require the perfect touch-up only to enhance her overall aesthetics. So, her obsession for ‘looking good inside out’ is justifiably her pride and her right too.

Just as how the perfect appeal of her eyes, nose, and lips brings her great satisfaction about her beautiful self, her perky and perfectly shaped breasts also complement her self-esteem. And if she worries about her uneven breasts, it might rather be an aesthetic issue instead of being a health concern for her. Of course, there are some risks associated with asymmetrical breasts.

But to her, even if the unevenness does not indicate any risk factor, the youthfulness of her breasts is of paramount importance. And this is where Breast Asymmetry Correction can be her choice.

Who Should Go for Breast Asymmetry Correction Treatment?

Lopsided breasts can be an issue right from the time a girl develops them to the time of her puberty. You might also have experienced the same issue ever since your adolescence. But, thinking of the irregular shape of your bust to be something abnormal is entirely a misconception.

At times, women might experience chronic changes in dissimilar breast sizes (or Anisomastia). Besides the risk of developing a tumor, a woman can always go for the treatment if she does not feel good about the overall appeal. Correcting the uneven bust size can be a woman’s choice in many situations – starting from pregnancy issues, nursing, to even menopause. And through correction surgery or treatment, you might get back your shapely and perky breasts once again, which pregnancy or other issues took away from you!

The Science Behind Having ‘Lopsided Breasts’

You might like flaunting your favorite pair of earrings because they come in a matched set. Or, your funky pair of shoes also deserves special attention because, again, they are identical. But no matter how perfect that may seem, imperfection has its own set of significance. And the size of your breasts is one of the great examples.

Yes, your breasts are never identical twins. And, having ‘lopsided’ breasts is common and scientifically proven. There are psychological reasons behind having lopsided breasts, and going under the knife for that purpose is normal. Let’s see what science has to say about having uneven breasts.

Breast asymmetry is noticed as early as puberty. And, when breasts start developing in adolescence, one might grow larger than the other. Size differential in the organs is still not clear, but having lopsided breasts, in general, is considered to be because of some genetically driven factors. Hormonal changes and sensitivity to one side might be considered minor factors to contributing uneven breasts.

When Should I Start Worrying about Developing Anisomastia?

Anisomastia is a condition where the size of your breasts is different in shape, size, or volume. Having asymmetrical breasts is nothing abnormal or alien. But they may be warning bells that indicate the first stage of cancer. And, you need to pay close attention to whether the change is sudden to you or not. As long as you do not develop the below-offered symptoms, you shouldn’t worry about the asymmetrical enlargement of your breasts. But, you need to get medical assistance right when you notice these changes in your bust area:

  • Skin retraction
  • Skin thickening
  • Dimpling
  • Change in your breast color

These are the times when you need to bring your condition to the attention of a medical professional – as these signs might indicate the first stage of some types of tumors. You need to keep your head calm, do not start panicking if you experience the same. Given that breast cancer generally has a concern with asymmetrical bust size; medical consultation can guide you through thick and thin.

Why Should I Choose Breast Asymmetry Correction?

The best time to go for asymmetry correction treatment is the time when your breasts undergo noticeable chronic changes. Noticeable changes in the area can affect the overall appearance. And this might not be a reason for one factor. Several conditions contribute to the uneven appearance of your breasts. Both the natural and medical conditions are elucidated below:

NATURAL CONDITIONS Causing Asymmetrical Enlargement of Breasts

Uneven breasts are quite normal, but when visible changes occur, it might be due to the reasons mentioned below:

Pregnancy and Nursing:  Those days of counting the hours for your little one to arrive on the planet might be special to you. But did you know pregnancy could be one reason why you have uneven breasts? Given the hormonal changes, breasts appear uneven during pregnancy. The body bucks up and prepares to feed your ‘little one’, and your body starts developing itself during the pre-pregnancy stage. And, this is one reason why hormonal changes result in enlarged sizes of breasts.

During the post-pregnancy stage, breastfeeding should be performed such that both breasts are equally nursed by the baby. If the infant gets nursed on one side, the mother develops uneven breasts. When a mother looks after nursing the baby properly and checking whether the baby is growing at a steady pace, she does not have to bother herself with asymmetrical breasts.

Use of hormonal contraceptives: Birth control pills are nothing new in the world of medical advancements. It’s quite happening as it helps in preventing ovulation, increasing the total amount of mucus, and thinning your uterine lining. So, it’s a great way to prevent unprepared pregnancy. But birth control pills include synthetic forms of hormones (estrogen & progestin) that otherwise occur in the body naturally.

Consuming contraceptives increases the level of these hormones in your body. It’s always better to consult your medical professional before consuming these pills – because when consumed in the wrong manner, it results in side effects. This is one reason why you might notice uneven breast size in around a couple of months. It might also contribute to changes in the menstrual cycle, mood swings, breast tenderness, and weight gain. And, all these together can result in asymmetrical breasts.

Losing or Gaining Weight: The breast area might feel compact and fuller when you gain weight. It is because of the fat tissues that start growing in your body, and it gives more volume to the area surrounding your breast. This might be one reason why your breasts can appear bigger than their usual appearance. Gaining weight can also result in asymmetrical enlargement of breasts.

Contrarily, when you drastically lose weight, your breasts shrink. Studies denote that in conditions like that, the breasts become uneven. Again, this affects your breast size and contributes to asymmetrical enlargement of breasts.

Menopause: During perimenopause (the years before you stop bleeding any longer), changes in breast shape and breast size already come to your notice. You might find them lumpier than their regular shapes. As you near the time to get your period no more, there’s a dramatic drop in the level of estrogen that your body produces.

Since the milk system is about to cease, the glandular tissues in your breast will shrink. It leads to making them fatter and less dense. This is one factor why your breast can droop and sag. It might also lead to noticeable asymmetrical breasts.

Menstrual Cycle: When a girl is on her period, there’s a change in her breast size. It can also result in asymmetrical breasts. However, the change is usually not permanent.

MEDICAL CONDITION Causing Asymmetrical Enlargement of Breasts

Different medical conditions can contribute to the enlargement of breasts. And to explain the conditions in brief, here’s an overview.

Causing Asymmetrical Enlargement of Breasts

Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia: ADH is one condition where you would notice excessive growth of tissues in the milk ducts. Enlargement of breasts due to ADH is not cancer, but the condition is serious. Given that ADH can increase the chances of getting breast cancer in the future, one should always consult a medical professional if and when they experience such a condition.

In the condition where patients have Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia, more amount of cells line the duct than the usual amount. As some cells are irregular in size & shape, it leads to benign lumps in breasts that affect the overall appearance.

Juvenile Hypertrophy: Hormones have a lot to do with the way our body reacts. And one fine example is the Juvenile Hypertrophy. Although it’s quite a rare condition, the cause of this condition is believed to have an invisible connection with hormonal changes. In this condition, one breast develops extremely larger than the other one.

Science says that Juvenile Hypertrophy is related to hormonal production or hormonal sensitivity. It’s believed to occur during puberty; when a girl is in her menstrual cycle. This hormonal condition can be corrected with the best medical practices through surgery.

Hypoplastic Breasts: Did you know underdeveloped breasts can also be a cause of uneven breasts? If you never knew it before, here’s introducing you to the Hypoplastic Breasts condition. It’s a condition where a girl has underdeveloped breasts, extremely small and thin. The breasts are spread wide apart, and in this condition, the areola appears larger than usual.

Again, this condition also has an unidentifiable cause. However, a majority of medical studies so far indicate that the condition has been driven by hormonal changes. If injuries are believed to have a significant impact on such a condition, then other medical conditions might also be a cause.

Poland Syndrome: It’s a syndrome when the chest muscle does not develop properly. And, it’s another cause that affects the size of the breast on one side. This condition causes a lack of pectoral tissue on just one side of your body. And if you experience the same, you apparently can achieve symmetrical breasts via Breast Asymmetry Correction surgery.

Which Type of Breast Asymmetry Correction Treatment Should I Opt for?

If you notice your bra is fitting you wrong and there’s a huge difference between both cup sizes, then correcting the unevenness of your breasts might be compulsory. Of course, breast surgery treatments aren’t for people who frequent fluctuating and minor changes in their breasts. But if the change has resulted from traumatic injuries, imbalances, and other conditions, then your medical surgeon would recommend any of these three surgeries. Let’s carry forward this piece of narration with an introduction to the 3 mainstream treatments:

Breast Augmentation: Asymmetrical breasts can be corrected through a couple of breast augmentation techniques. Standard breast augmentation should be considered if you want to increase the size of one of your breasts to match the other size. This cosmetic surgery is a popular procedure to bring out the youthfulness of your breasts.

Breast Reduction: If you prefer the size of your smaller breast and want to make the other breast match the size, then breast reduction is surely your choice. Ensure that you choose a competent surgeon, as removing the tissues should be performed neat and clean. It is performed by liposuction or excision. It helps in creating a contour closer in shape and size to one another.

Breast Lift: For perky, shapely, and beautiful breasts, breast lift surgery is a perfect go-to solution. One of the reasons why unevenness occurs is because one of the breasts tends to droop and sag. As a result, one breast becomes poorly shaped. And, it might present an extremely bad aesthetic of your body. Breast lift treatments not only give you a symmetrical shape but also enhance their appeal.

No matter what Breast Asymmetry Correction Treatment you choose, it’s important to note that having lopsided breasts is a universal womanly problem. And even if you do not have major concerns with irregular breasts, you can always consult your medical professional to feel confident about your perfectly shaped breasts.

The Bottom Line

As an endnote, you should always prioritize the significance of consultation before you make your decisions right for breast asymmetry correction. When you go for surgery, its aftermath brings some recovery tips and tweaks to attention. And if you perform things right after the treatment, you will surely love the results. With a breast correction treatment, the confidence you get upon wearing well-fitted clothes & flaunting your neck curves is certainly unparalleled an experience. You surely want to experience such kind of feeling, don’t you?

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