Can Smoothie Be UnHealthy

Incorporating smoothies into your diet not only gives your body all the vitamins, minerals and fiber it needs, but it also helps your digestion, as the foods are blended and therefore easier for your body to process. Additionally, blending a smoothie means that you use the whole fruit or vegetable and can, therefore, keep all the important nutrients it offers you.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that all smoothies deserve to be tagged as “healthy.” Do not believe the marketing hype and keep in mind that just because something is called “a smoothie,” it does not necessarily mean that it is good for you and your body.


But what exactly makes a smoothie unhealthy? Why should you be cautious and read the ingredients before buying a smoothie, or even better, stick with homemade smoothies, made under your supervision?

For starts, most of the smoothies you can buy in a supermarket are loaded with sugar, fat, calories and other unhealthy ingredients that you just do not want to put in your body! But this does not mean that you cannot make unhealthy mistakes while making a smoothie at home. What are some unhealthy ingredient choices you could make when blending?

Firstly, do not add any sugar-laden fruit juices into your smoothie. They are usually just flavored sugar water and will not do you any good. Why add a store-bought fruit juice to your fruits anyway?

Which brings us to our second big no-no – sugar. And the question stays the same: Why add additional sugar to your fruits, loaded with natural sugars, anyway?


You should also think before adding store-bought milk, which usually comes from mistreated cows, filled with hormones or antibiotics. Rather stick with non-dairy milk, such as oat, almond, coconut, hazelnut… The possibilities are endless.

Additionally, at least if you are opting for a healthy smoothie choice, never add other dairy products, such as ice cream, whip cream or fruit yogurts. Needless to say, they are filled with sugar and additives you do not need.

You should also reconsider adding chocolate syrups or non-organic peanut butter to your smoothies. Again, a sugar overdose you will not benefit from.

If you drink a smoothie after your workout, you should also keep in mind that you do not want any cheap protein powders in your body, as they are usually full of artificial aromas and other additives. Stick to natural protein powders, such as hemp, peas or soy.

Another suggestion that you should also consider is, at which time of the day you should drink your smoothie. The most recommended choice would be in the morning, as drinking a smoothie in the evening could cause gas and bloat. Additionally, as fruits are still packed with sugars, they might not be the best thing to eat before going to bed. But even if you decide to drink a smoothie for dinner, this could still not be considered as an unhealthy choice.

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