Can the Sultry Summer Affect Your THC Highs?

Summers are around, which means more of the sun and more cold drinks and ice-creams. But also, summers come with another level of irritability and anxiety caused by sweating and the uneasiness of the heat. Moreover, tanning and irritation on the skin, rashes, dry or oily skin, and pimples come uninvited in the season.

But, thanks to those cold beverages, ice popsicles, and water, we somehow survived this period. And the best part about this season is juicy fruits, especially mangoes!

Other issues that these extremely sunny days cause are dehydration, nausea, itchiness, uneasiness, excessive sweating, and lethargy. This lethargy grows as the heat mounts, and it is when our health is at stake. We don’t feel like doing anything except lying all day in an air-conditioned room.

Now, the outside heat and the cool air inside the room adjust the body temperature according to the surroundings. Our body temperature worsens, ultimately affecting blood pressure levels. Therefore, one advises staying hydrated during this season. On this note, grab your water immediately, have a sip, and continue reading further!

In this awful season, where the sun shines, and we sweat, CBD.co has a piece of great news for all. We have brought you the new THC gummies to beat the heat more efficiently. These products are available in bulk on the website, and you can order them right away to have the best experience this summer. But first, let us understand what THC is and how it affects our bodies during summer.

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Knowing More About THC

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is the foremost psychoactive constituent of Marijuana. It is what makes people feel high after its consumption. This sort of medication helps in giving pleasurable and calm feelings with health benefits. THC helps lift one’s mood, and he feels relaxed and calm, like a high. However, THC is known to bind along the receptors in the brain, ultimately affecting pain, mood, sleep, or anxiety. The chemical formula for THC is C21H30O2.

Knowing More About THC

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), THC acts like the natural cannabinol chemicals our bodies make. It creates a sense of euphoria and makes the person relaxed and calm. Moreover, it also stimulates the brain cells to release the hormone known as dopamine, which is known to provide pleasure. It is something much needed on the hot days of summer.

The Problems Of Sultry Summers

Summers often elongate their duration and become a hindrance to the onset of the monsoon.

1. Too Much Sun Is Harmful

The sun shines so much that it gets difficult to open our eyes. Our stamina and energy are released very quickly. In case of immense heat, dehydration, and excessive sweating can also result in dizziness, fatigue, and headaches, often leading the person to faint.

2. Leaves Adults Vulnerable

College-going individuals mostly face such conditions, whose development of sweat glands is still incomplete, and due to unwarranted sweating, their body’s heat drops, and they faint.

3. Leads To Improper Sleep Schedules

Even our sleep is highly disturbed, especially for the ones who live on the topmost floors of a building. The sunlight directly falls on their roofs, making their homes nothing less than a hot gas chamber. Air Conditioners and other cooling equipment become a necessity in such a case. But these apparatuses are useless when one is restless because of the heat. Sleeplessness creates problems in our work life, and we end up unproductive throughout the day.

Nonetheless, newspaper headlines constantly report various ways to beat the heat and stay energetic during this season.

How Can Summer Affect Your THC Highs?

While the summer heat is capable enough to make a person faint, it can have main health hazards to your THC levels.

1. Harmful Summer Waves

Summer heat can weaken the effect of THC and make it melt quickly, making the product lose its efficiency and quality. Therefore, keep the marijuana-based medications with additional care and vigilance to maintain efficiency.

2. Overconsumption Can Lead To Hazards

Since THC is known to make others feel high, it is, on the contrary, advised to avoid overeating THC-based gummies. Overconsumption of anything is harmful; the same is the case here.

3. Digestive Issues

Overconsumption of these products can lead to nausea, uneasiness, digestive problems, and headaches. So, to avoid medication due to another medicine’s overdose, you should intake THC gummies as prescribed by your physician or as mentioned on the packaging.

4. Rotting Of Food Items

These THC items have the same properties. Therefore, these products are stored in a cool and dry place to avoid rotting. Moreover, food items get rotten after 2-3 hours if they’re not refrigerated.

5. Psychotropic Effects

It can also cause psychotropic effects. It is strictly not meant for people under the age of 21.

Why Use THC In Summers?

THC not only helps beat the summer heat but also helps you eliminate that irritability and uneasiness. Additionally, it also helps in giving you a ‘high’ feeling that gives you pleasure after the release of dopamine from your brain cells.

It helps gain stamina and makes you feel energetic, positive, and productive. You no longer have to feel conscious of not being productive the entire day due to the heat. It relieves your anxiety and restlessness, and you feel confident in carrying out your day-to-day without any hassle.

The intake of THC gummies is as easy as one can expect. Just open the pack and pop gummies into your mouth. The best part about these gummies is that they are delicious, healthy, and helpful in making yourself relaxed. They are widely available in many flavors; you may grab them to your desired taste.


THC-based gummies are the best way to beat the heat and not become short-tempered this summer. On the contrary, keeping precautionary measures in mind during consumption is crucial. Overdose of these gummies can also be problematic, leading to psychotropic effects. We have stocked up some exceptional THC gummies for you; order your pack of THC gummies here.

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