Can You Afford These Pricey NBA Tickets?

Some NBA teams are more expensive to watch LIVE than others. Read on to discover the most expensive NBA tickets to buy here.

It goes without saying that not all sports teams were created equal. To put it simply, some teams are simply better at entertaining the audience with a higher level of play than others.

Those teams that are able to demonstrate superior play are the ones that draw bigger fanbases. Bigger fanbases mean bigger crowds, and bigger crowds mean more demand for tickets.

According to the economic law of supply and demand, if demand goes up then prices are going up with it. That’s why the most expensive NBA tickets are seats at the most high-profile franchises in the league with the highest density of star players who boast the best winning records.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at what the most expensive NBA tickets are (and what you can do to afford them!).

Let’s begin!

The Most Expensive NBA Tickets

The most expensive average NBA tickets fall to perhaps the most famous sports franchise in the world, the Los Angeles Lakers. The average asking price of Los Angeles Lakers tickets for the most recent season was $549. The closest rival to that price point were tickets to watch the Golden State Warriors in action, which cost an ever-so-slightly more affordable $442 per ticket.

If one takes a step back to look at the most expensive NBA tickets ever, then one is going to have to look at some of the most historic matchups that were ever made. For instance, consider the 2010 NBA Finals. In this seven-game series that made history, rivalries were at an all-time high. Thus, demand for the tickets skyrocketed.

This demand culminated in a final asking price of $115,900 for the best seats in the house: courtside. Of course, these tickets were snapped up by the wealthiest of the wealthy that walk among us.

How to Finance Your NBA Obsession

Although six-figure tickets may be well out of your reach, you may well be able to finance a Lakers or Golden State Warriors ticket if you play your cards right.

One easy way to finance a ticket is simply to take out a personal loan. Even if you have bad credit, you may still be eligible. This option does present significant financial risk, so only use this option if you’re confident of being able to pay the full sum back with interest very soon. Find more information here.

Another way to finance tickets is by simply taking public transport for a couple of months to save on your gasoline bill. However, if that isn’t enough, try eliminating all takeout and restaurant dinners until you’ve saved up enough cash. If you looking for ways to watch your favorite dominate the court? Check out these tickets NBA at to get the best deals on the market.

Get Closer to the Stars

There’s no doubting the fact that if you want to watch the superstars that rule the sport of basketball close up in action, then you’re going to have to shell out some serious cash for the most expensive NBA tickets around. But if it means that much to you, then it could well be worth it.

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