Can You Bring CBD and CBD Oil Products On Planes When You Travel?

When you’re traveling, many people have numerous questions that involve the wonder drug known as CBD, and it’s perfectly understandable. Many people wonder if bringing CBD products on planes with their travel accessories, or when they travel to certain states will be legal.

Will it get confiscated? Will I get criminally charged?  All of these answers to your questions are what we’re going to cover in this guide, so you know what to expect should you want to travel with CBD purchased from the Nanocraft Web Store.

Of course, there are some discomforts and some pain you might endure when it comes to not taking your CBD, but there are also concerns for those who have to take it to maintain their well-being. For example, if someone is prescribed it for epilepsy, they need that medicine, right?

TSA and the Law

Throughout America, everything is regulated by the Transportation Security Administration, which is an integral part of the Department of Homeland Security here in the United States. To maintain regularity on marijuana laws as well as to keep all travelers safe, the TSA does not allow you to bring medical marijuana or its derived products onto aircraft or during travel.

On the TSA’s website, they listed that CBD was prohibited and that they claimed illegal. This policy, fortunately, didn’t consider CBD derived from hemp (not marijuana), so the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 that legalized hemp wasn’t considered either.

In May of 2018, the TSA corrected its statement legalizing CBD derived from hemp or approved by the FDA as a legal item as long as it maintained statuses or regulations by the Agricultural Improvement Act. It is 2019 right now, and fortunately, on both carry-on luggage and checked luggage, you can have CBD as long as it’s from hemp sources and not marijuana.

Non-Marijuana CBD vs. Marijuana Byproducts

While hemp and marijuana both have some THC in them naturally, and they’re both a form of the cannabis plant, there are differences in the laws. One of them is that THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that’s mainly only in marijuana in large quantities.

Hemp normally contains no more than 0.3% THC but marijuana has much more at about 30% of the psychoactive drug in it. With the emergence of CBD in 2018, hemp ended up being considered simply an agricultural commodity so it’s no longer a controlled substance in America. Therefore, hemp-based CBD products are legal in all 50 states.

Conclusion: So, Can You Bring It On a Plane?

While you can’t bring any items that contain marijuana or its byproducts, the safety and security of your hemp-based CBD rights allow you to bring any products, whether it be full-spectrum or pure CBD oil on a plane. There are unfortunately some legalization issues when traveling to some states that don’t legalize it or full-spectrum CBD, but more than anything it is hard to distinguish between the two when it comes to the general public being able to see it.

Be sure that you have a THC-Free label and see that the lab results show that it is below 0.3% THC. You must also follow the standard rules of no more than 3.4oz bottles of liquids or pastes on a plane. When traveling with CBD internationally, it’s best to find another alternative because sometimes other countries ban it.

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