Cancer Support: 7 Tricks to Support Loved Ones With Cancer

Are you looking for ways to help your loved one during their cancer journey? Maybe you are afraid to ask your loved one how you can best help? Check out this list. These seven tips can help you support your loved one with cancer.

1. Understand Their Situation

You must work to ensure you know what they are dealing with, and you need not make any assumptions. Each person responds to cancer differently. Take time to talk to your loved one to learn more about their particular situation.

2. Understand Their Treatment Plan

You need to know more than their diagnosis and the expected results. You should learn the ins and outs of how your loved one plans to beat cancer. And this definitely means you need to understand their treatment plan, too. See if they are open to you accompanying them to appointments. Do not be afraid to ask their care providers any questions you might have.

3. Be an Advocate for Them

You also should not be afraid to advocate on their behalf. If you ever feel your loved one is receiving sub-par care, you must be willing to speak out. You also must be okay with speaking out about anything else that is not working for them.

Do not be afraid to do this, even if this means you will have to be blunt with your family and friends. And if your loved one must utilize a more private cancer treatment plan, you must remind people about that need for privacy.

4. Encourage Them to Be Active and Creative

Your loved one must remain active during their cancer journey. They should try to engage in light exercise for at least 150 minutes each week. However, you need to know this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Make sure your loved one’s care provider offers guidance on exercise. You want to remind them to be creative, too, even if that means them journaling their feelings.

5. Pay Attention to Their Mental Health

Mental health is very important when your loved one is dealing with cancer. This is a big adjustment for them, and you need to be cognizant of that. Remember that their medication, any needed lifestyle changes, and even the diagnosis itself can impact their mental well-being. Do not be afraid to suggest a mental health professional who can help your loved one. You could suggest one-on-one counseling or something like group therapy.

6. Help Them Make Any Needed Dietary Changes

If your loved one needs to make any dietary changes, you should do whatever you can to help facilitate those dietary needs. Did you know certain foods can help cancer patients increase their chances of survival? Foods like nuts, yogurt, and whole grains are among the foods you should know about that can help. You must be certain they have gotten a sign off from their provider, though, before insisting on any dietary changes.

7. Don’t Get Offended

If your loved one is ever angry or sad, you must not take their emotions as anything personal with you. Be mindful of the fact that you are not in their shoes. Even if their emotions are fluctuating, you must try to remain calm and be as supportive as possible.

7 Tricks to Help Your Loved One

Each idea above is a tried and true strategy you should consider using. You might want to bookmark this page so you can quickly access this in the future. You also can share this information with your loved one or anyone else who is helping them.

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