Can’t Connect to WOW! But Internet Works

Internet outages tend to be a real nuisance for consumers who are highly dependent on online connectivity. This is especially the case in today’s world where work from home has taken abundance and people have consistently been upgrading their home internet connections so that they can perform all their office, school, college, and university activities online without any hindrance.

If you feel that we have overstated the importance of the internet, then why don’t you try and spend just 15 minutes without using any device or performing any task that does not lead to you using an internet connection? we assure you that the Internet is just as important as food and water nowadays. This could be a scary thing to digest, yet here we stand.

Getting an internet connection from one of the most reliable internet service providers in the country like WOW! Internet may be a solid thing to do. However, this still does not free you, the consumer, from any potential outages that may occur.

About WOW!

WOW! Happens to be the 6th largest cable digital service provider in the United States. The company, WOW! has internet availability in a total of 9 states across the country with the largest availability being in the states of Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan. Taken from our data sets, we observe that WOW! service users amount to an estimated 7.2 million people across the country, with the service users of WOW! being 844,500 in total for June 2020.

One would assume that a company with the size and pedigree of WOW! would be a service provider that would rarely disappoint. WOW! provides its services in a total of 19 markets and makes use of highly advanced hybrid technology of fiber optic and coaxial cables to provide internet services to its subscribers.

If you’re thinking that WOW! must only provide excellent broadband services to residential clients, then you are quite wrong as the service provider offers residential telephone and digital TV services as well. This makes it a one-stop shop for all those who want to get a bundle deal. This means that when you have WOW! you would not need to commit to any other service provider as you could avail yourself all the necessary services from one service provider.

WOW! Internet Service: A Good Choice for All

We continue to stick to our stance, that data caps are one of the worst things to happen in the beautiful world of internet connectivity. The existence of data caps tends to be irritating and results in high frustration for the individual. However, when you have an internet connection from WOW! you would not have to worry about data caps. This makes it one of the most preferred options for those who now have to work from home, spend time streaming on-demand content, and indulge in the glory of online gaming.

The benefits don’t just end at having an unlimited data connection. WOW! The Internet provides its customers with a wide variety of internet speeds. An internet consumer may pick the speed that best suits their need and their pocket. The internet speed ranges start from the 100 Mbps mark, including the 200 Mbps and 500 Mbps speeds plus the maximum internet speed of 1,000 Mbps.

All You Need to Know About WOW! And Internet Outages

WOW! Internet is an all-out top-quality internet service. When you have a subscription to WOW! Internet, you get a reliable, fast, and consistent internet service, no doubt of that. If you compare, the WOW! Internet uses both cable and DSL technology to provide internet services to its customers, however, the cable service is quite the better option of the two.

The only negative point that we can find about WOW! Internet and its cable connections are that the bandwidth has to be shared among households and during peak hours, there are heavy lag times and lower speed rates for everyone who is sharing the internet connection.

Where we agree that WOW! The Internet has one of the best internet connections in the country, it becomes rather important for us to convey a message of slight reality to our readers. Service outages are a real thing and can happen to the very best internet service providers. Just below we have compiled a list of areas with the highest rate of outages.

Locations with The Most WOW! Internet Outages

Concerning internet outages WOW! Internet, we see that even the top service providers could face the turbulent period of having an internet outage. Below we have listed areas that face the largest percentage of WOW! Internet outages in the country. If you happen to have a WOW! Internet connection and you live in one of these areas, then chances are that you are experiencing or going through an internet outage.

Here we have the list of cities and towns which have a high rate of WOW! Internet outages.

  1. Akron
  2. Atlanta
  3. Chicago
  4. Arlington Heights
  5. Charlotte
  6. Cleveland
  7. Madison
  8. Columbus
  9. Schaumburg
  10. Naperville
  11. Birmingham
  12. Huntsville
  13. Brunswick

Where Does the Issue Lie? WOW! Internet Service Issues

It is quite important to know just exactly what the extent of the issue at hand is. We have compiled a carefully structured list of all of the WOW! services that face an outage and have been made known to the service provider.

  • WOW! Internet – 80% or more
  • Phone – 1% approximately
  • Wi-Fi – 5% or more
  • E-Mail – 2% approximately
  • WOW! TV – 5% approximately
  • Total Blackout – 5% approximately

Keep in mind that whenever an internet or rather any outage occurs from a service provider, it is extremely important to pick up a phone and call the customer service helpline to inform them of the issue so that it can be resolved in a timely basis.

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