Capturing the Moments at Photo Booth Rental, NH: The Good Deals

Do you want that bit of extraordinaire to your photographs? Perhaps you’re washed up in the wilderness of the White Mountain State. Now, you crave a newness, and you want to start with your photos! We got you at Photo Booth Rental NH.

Whatever the occasion and regardless of your location in  New Hampshire, we have the mobility to come to you. So, call us, and we’d be there to delight you with our premium quality offerings.

Let’s show you:


The Good Deals at Photo Booth Rental NH

Classic Photo Booth

This package is for businesses and corporations. At the conception, we thought you should look formal and creative all at once.

Say no more to bland suits and gowns featuring dull geeky faces! Our classic photo booth has something unique.

Unique, how?

Indeed, this package is an upgrade to the traditional booth experience. That way, you won’t feel out of place.

Furthermore, the arrangement is on an open-floor. 

More beautifully, our classic booth produces three strips with a max of 30 secs per session. That way, you won’t wear out because of stress.

In the end, you’d get classical-styled pictures for your varied organizational needs. If you like, we can add your brand logo in the photos – both the digital and hard copies.


Orbit Photo Booth

Like in our classic booth, your pictures here would bear your brand logo or any art you see fit. However, our orbit booth is somewhat free-inspired – informal and friendly. In other words, it would be more fitting for family pictures or a memory capture of friends together on vacation.

Besides, with the orbit booth, it is almost like you’re riding a circus. How?

In the orbit booth, we capture you and your group in a 360, wraparound frame. While in it, you can replicate your favorite dance moves and funny faces. Why?

We often add a short-length video that makes you experience the most from your events and meetings. Thanks to the ingenious video feature, the orbit is our most-famous booth yet.


Social Photo Booth

The social booth is quite similar to orbit 360. The only difference is that there is no 360 capture. Nonetheless, this offer supports GIFs. Also, the social booth accommodates more captures.

Every 20 secs, a group of friends can get a picture and give room for another group to take theirs. For that reason, it is more fitting for large-crowd events.

More importantly, you can get your pictures in the social booth almost immediately. Now that you have your entertaining GIFs, you can start sharing across your social media platforms. Cheers!


Vintage Photo Booth

Are you a history fanatic? Perhaps you love the ages of the west guns and cowboy hats! Then our vintage booth is for you.

With it, you’d take a stroll in time to create a memorable picture. Mind you, that you’re getting vintage designs doesn’t mean you’re getting inferior photographs.

You’d get high-quality modern technology images like in our other packages. The only difference between vintage and our other offers is the backdrop. Here, there are backdrop props that lighten up your pictures.

So, which of our deals delight you? Remember that regardless of your choice, we can crest your brand logo on all the photographs.

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